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Welp, This is the Sickest Hockey Shootout Goal of the Year

This is Linus Klasen of Sweden, just embarssing everyone who has ever played the game of hockey. This goal was against the Czech Republic in the

Inmate Escapes From Swedish Prison, Goes To Dentist, Turns Self Back In

I mean, I assumed that medical care in prison was bad, but I never imagined it to be this substandard. 

Swedish and Danish Soccer Hooligans Have Insane Fistfight in Middle of Road

The people of Scandinavia are usually an agreeable bunch -- except, of course, the soccer hooligans, who think with their fists instead of their brains.

Woman Steals Train, Immediately Slams It Into Three-Story Building

A woman in Sweden yesterday stole a commuter train from a station near Stockholm, drove it for three minutes, and then crashed it into a

A Swedish News Report Had Porn Play Behind It for 10 Minutes

Despite its blurry broadcast, we're pretttty sure it's Lisa Ann in the background, which is all kinds of sad.

Swedish Hockey Player Channels His Inner WWE with This Vicious Takedown

One of the dirtier hockey maneuvers you'll see in quite sometime. Actually, given the impending lockout, perhaps the only one. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Scored a Special, Special Goal for Sweden

Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a picturesque goal in his country’s 2-0 win over France today. Was it better than Danny Welbeck’s? Was it better than

In Case You Missed It, Here’s Danny Welbeck’s Ridiculous Backheeled Goal

Of all the goals scored at Euro 2012 thus far, Danny Welbeck’s is the prettiest.

VIDEO: Most Ridiculous Swedish Condom Commercial Ever Features Rabbits Dressed Like Hockey Players

You know who pulls a ton of tail? Hockey players. Who know who else pulls boy band poontang? Rabbits. With that in mind, a Swedish

Swedish Man Wards Off a Moose with Viking-Style Intimidation Tactics

The title pretty much says it all for this video, which was uploaded to YouTube last week by "officerlarsson." The dude is just channeling his