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World’s Most Intelligent Man Kicks Way Out of ATM

You know that moment of crippling horror when you think you’re trapped in some place you don’t want to be trapped in? It’s awful. But

Look at This Bear Steal a Restaurant’s Dumpster

This bear didn't just root around in a restaurant's dumpster, find some 2-day-old salmon and croutons, and take off from the scene like one of

This Man is America: Watch a Guy in Flag T-Shirt Tackle Escaped Inmate

A 6-foot-4, 320-pound behemoth of a man, dressed in an American flag T-shirt, tackled an escaped convict at a small general store in rural Ohio

Boston Woman Tries to Take Motorized Scooter Up Escalator, Fails Miserably

We’re not entirely sure exactly what this woman was thinking. Anyone with even the slightest understanding of physics should have known this just wasn’t going

‘Naked Ninja’ on Bath Salts Stars in Disturbing Video

I hate it when cops say, “move along, people, nothing to see here,” because there is usually something pretty terrific to see there.

Watch the World’s Worst Driver Get Into 3 Accidents in 90 Seconds

There is no reason entering this parking garage should have been difficult, but the World’s Worst Driver somehow parlayed the opportunity into three accidents in

Guy Accidentally Knocks Down Traffic Light Attempting Broadway Move

It’s extremely tempting to try to pull a Gene Kelly when walking past street signs or lighting poles that line a street. It

VIDEO: Dude Robs Canadian Super 8 Motel With Comically Large Antique Musket

Here's a surveillance video of a guy robbing a Super 8 Motel in St. John's, Newfoundland with an absurdly large antique musket. The bastard is