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Surfin’ Pig Na Na Na, Surfin’ Pig Na Na Na, Surfin’ Pig Na Na Na, Surfin’ Pig Na Na Na, Surfin’ Pig Na Na Na

Surfin' Pig.

It’s Surf Seal City When a Seal Steals a Surfer’s Board

Happens once a Millennia

This GoPro Video of a Dad Surfing With His Little Guy Will Make You Want to Be a Dad

Hollywood couldn't possibly script a more perfect father-son bonding moment.

Surfer Finds Out First-Hand What It’s Like to Become a Gigantic Wave’s Bitch

Surfer James Hollmer-Cross got to finally experience that fun moment when you realize, "Oh, shit, I might die today. Well that's a bummer."

Watch a Gnarly Bro Shred a Sick, 80-Foot Wave

This is sick, brah. Andrew Cotton went after this massive, 80-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal, going for the Billabong XXL Ride […]

Surfer Bros Use Drones to Capture Awesome Aerial Footage of Massive North Shore Waves

Surf filmmaker Eric Sterman has captured some pretty incredible footage in the past, but this reel is just sick. Using some fancy pants UAVs above Oahu's famous

Anastasia Ashley Surfing In Bali Features Gratuitous Shots of Her Ass (And We Approve)

They didn't need to add all the ass shots in this video. But we're sure glad they did.

Watch a Brazilian Surfer Shred a 100-Foot Wave That Might be the Biggest Ever Surfed

Woooah. Brazilian big wave surfer Carlos Burle got some serious cowabunga on in Nazaré, Portugal, the same spot where Garrett McNamara claimed to have surfed "the biggest wave ever

California Surfer Films Pants-Pissing Moment a Great White Shark Swims Under His Board

This is TURRRRIFYING. I don't know how people keep their cool in this situation. I couldn't do it. I'd fall right off the board, piss and

‘30 for 30’ Goes Big or Goes Home with Documentary on Surfing Legend Eddie Aikau

Tonight ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series returns, kicking things off with "Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau," a documentary about big wave surfing pioneer Eddie Aikau.

A Fucking Motorized Surfboard, Plus 10 Things We Want

What, what, what, what, what... what we want.

Scenes from a Bro-Riot After the U.S. Open of Surfing

I love surfing as much as the next guy, but if this is what the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach is all about,

Surfer John John Florence Lands Massive Air at Oakley Pro Bali

Sickest surf video you'll watch today. 

Dog Helps Special Needs Kids Surf, Will Make You Feel Emotions

That dog can surf.

This GoPro Alana Blanchard Surfer Video Make Us Happy

This is really what it's all about: A hot surfer chick, incredible GoPro shots, and a chance to live vicariously through anyone lucky enough to

The Top 5 Surf Spots in the World, Ranked by Hot Surfer Girls

Two weeks ago J.Camm and I were shredding up pristine breaks in Hawaii. When I say "shredding," what I mean is learning to stand-up on

Waves, Paranoia, and Gratuitous Blood Loss: BroBible Goes Surfing In Hawaii

Embarrassing confession: The BroBible staff consists of nothing but a bunch of surfing virgins.

Watch Garrett McNamara Surf ‘World-Record 100-Foot Wave’ in Portugal

Garrett McNamara is one of those legendary surfing badasses, like Laird Hamilton, Jeff Rowley, and just a few select others, who can say he's looked

Bro in Ocean City, MD Went Surfing and Video Taped it During Hurricane Sandy

I think one YouTube commenter put it best when he said, "Nothing fun is 'Safe.'" Safety sure sucks the fun right out of sex, that's

I Want to Go River Surfing in Munich, Germany So Bad Right Now

So this looks FUN. I've posted videos of surfers shredding the Muinch's famous "Eisbach" man-made river before, but this video from Stoke Travel shows just how

This Slow-Motion Workout Video Should Make Anastasia Ashley a Household Name

Quick, who is your favorite athlete? If your answer was anyone not named Anastasia Ashley, you have terrible taste. Watch the pro surfer working out

Just a Couple of Goats Surfing to Start Your Day

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that goats aren’t a lot of people’s favorite animals. They’re decidedly uncool and, let’s face

‘Excavator Surfing’ Is the New Latest Dumb Thing You’ll Want to Do at the Beach This Summer

Here's a fun, mindless activity, presuming you're going to a beach with a giant excavator right by the waterline. There's no way you wouldn't want

Top 10 Surfer Bros in Film History

Editor's Note: This post comes to us via the Surfer Bros at @LiquidTubesNews. Go follow them on Twitter and "Like" them on Facebook. Anytime Hollywood try’s

‘Bikinis & Surf: Mexico’ Is Perhaps the Most Seductive Surf Video You’ll Watch Today

Did everyone enjoy their Cinco De Mayo festivities this weekend? We sure did. The title of this fine video says it all: Three babes in

Brad Domke’s Skimboard Work is Amazing

Surfing is hard enough on its own. Doing what Brad Domke does here on a skimboard? Well, that degree of difficulty is insanely high. And

Surfing Stationary Waves from a Lagoon to the Ocean in Australia Looks Amazing

There are plenty of great surfing spots in Australia, but these ambitious body boarders create their own waves with the help of a

The Best 10-Minutes of Surf Action You’ll See Today

What's not to love about this video? First of all, it's filled with babes in skimpy bikinis. Second, there's nearly 10 minutes of incredible surf

Watch ‘Slicing Time,’ a Surf Edit About Night Surfing Munich, Germany’s Man-Made ‘Eisbach’ River

If you're not familiar, the 'Eisbach' -- German for "ice brook -- is a small man-made river slicing through Munich, Germany. There's a man-made wave

Surf Bros Will Enjoy the Latest Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard Video

If you're not familiar with Bethany Hamilton, the pro surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack yet returned to surfing, go

The Amazing Story of Blind Brazilian Surfer Derek Rabelo

This feel-good video is currently pinging around the surf universe. It will blow your mind. Derek Rabelo is just a regular 19-year old

Tarp Surfing Has Never Looked So Cool

There's an awesome photo in the middle of our Father's Day book, "My Dad is a Bro", that shows a dad jolting through

Here’s a Gnarly Video Compilation of Surfing Wipeouts in Hawaii

Want to see a compilation of surfers getting eaten alive by humongous Hawaiian waves? Soul Collective compiled a few dozen of the gnarilest wipeouts and

Watch Billabong’s ‘Life’s Better in Boardshorts’ Surf Mini-Movie in Its Entirety

A few weeks ago we told you about Billabong's gnarly new surf-movie project, "Life's Better in Board Shorts." For starters, who among us can disagree

Watch Surfer Flynn Novak Land a Backflip and Keep Surfing

Hard to beat an amazing backflip on a surf board. Flynn Novak is a notorious expert at the feat. The best thing about

Video: Life’s Better in Boardshorts

Some days you just need to throw all caution to the wind and ride that wave. Today's one of those days. So, for our semi-regular

Enjoy the Awesome Introduction Video for the O’Neill Girls 2012 Surf Team

Right now, all we want to do is jump in the ocean. However, if your latitude is anything like ours, that's probably not

Epic Surf Video: Biggest Teahupoo Ever, Shot on the Phantom Camera in Stunning HD

Behold! Today we have found the gnarliest and most awe-inspiring downright stunning surf video in recent memory. It was shot by Chris Bryan on a

Pro Surfer Dave Wassel’s Drop In on Maui’s ‘Jaws’ In Truly Epic Fashion

This video is just further proof that the surfers who manage to wrangle big waves have balls the size of cantaloupes. Here we

Just An Epic Glacier Surfing Video to Get You Pumped for Winter

Ok, look: This kick-ass video is from September. BUT, tomorrow's the first day of winter, so it just seems apropos to welcome the