surfing in movies

This Supercut of Surfing in Hollywood Is a Reminder That Hollywood LOVES Stereotypes


For whatever reason Hollywood cannot fathom that people would want to watch a surfing movie without over the top slang and partying.

surfing Malibu

Legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton ‘shoots the pier’ at Malibu—has gigantic balls


Southern California is currently experiencing some of the largest wave swells seen in years due to Hurricane Marie, and seizing that opportunity big wave legend Laird Hamilton took the opportunity to show off his colossal balls.

Teahupo'o wipeouts

If you’ve ever considered surfing watch this supercut of Billabong Pro Tahiti wipeouts first


The Billabong Pro Tahiti is currently taking place halfway across the world from where I sit, and this supercut Billabong Pro Tahiti wipeouts just made me clinch my cheeks and take a deep breath.


Apparently in Russia surfing involves hot chicks wearing high heels


Who knew that Russians were in to surfing, and furthermore, who knew that the people surfing in Russia were sexy chicks wearing high heels.

surfing in Africa

How to become a surfer: 1. Put on headphones, 2. Watch this


Want all the joys of surfing without all the paddling and work involved.

wave surfing

Chair Surfing: It’s like surfing for people too lazy to stand up


It's 2014 and while we don't have flying cars and hoverboards yet, we've finally figured out a solution of people who want to surf but are too lazy to stand up and do any work: chair surfing.


Student becomes the teacher: UK man surprised by baby seal surfing on his board


Matthew Stanley is a UK based surfer who recently received the surprise of a lifetime when surfing off of Amble in Northumberland when a baby seal jumped up on his board and went for a ride.

surfing the 38th Parallel Beach

38th Parallel Beach, an unlikely surfing oasis in Korea’s demilitarized zone (PICS)


The 38th Parallel Beach is home to a burgeoning surfing community that received quite a boost in publicity last year when surfer/photographer Shannon Aston released his 38th Parallel Surf Project photo essay.