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Surfer Bros Use Drones to Capture Awesome Aerial Footage of Massive North Shore Waves

Surf filmmaker Eric Sterman has captured some pretty incredible footage in the past, but this reel is just sick. Using some fancy pants UAVs above Oahu's famous

Watch a Brazilian Surfer Shred a 100-Foot Wave That Might be the Biggest Ever Surfed

Woooah. Brazilian big wave surfer Carlos Burle got some serious cowabunga on in Nazaré, Portugal, the same spot where Garrett McNamara claimed to have surfed "the biggest wave ever

There’s a New Anastasia Ashley Surf Video and It’s Glorious

I'll tell you what: Leave it to BroBible's favorite surfer babe, Anastasia Ashley, to leave us completely breathless on a Tuesday morning. I know a

I Want to Go River Surfing in Munich, Germany So Bad Right Now

So this looks FUN. I've posted videos of surfers shredding the Muinch's famous "Eisbach" man-made river before, but this video from Stoke Travel shows just how

‘Bikinis & Surf: Mexico’ Is Perhaps the Most Seductive Surf Video You’ll Watch Today

Did everyone enjoy their Cinco De Mayo festivities this weekend? We sure did. The title of this fine video says it all: Three babes in

These Awesome Surfing Money Shots Look Just Like the Bullet Time Scenes from ‘The Matrix’

AG e-mailed this to me late last night and put it quite succinctly: "Sick." Indeed, it is. Rip Curl and TimeSlice Films figured

Surfing with a Flare in Indonesia’s Mentawais Islands

Via Red Bull Minor Threat comes this cool surf footage of Bruce Irons creating some breathtaking visuals by blazing through tubes with a

Incredible, Slow-Motion Footage Of Tahiti’s Teahupoo, One Of the World’s Gnarliest Surfing Breaks

Behold, one of the most incredible surfing videos in recent memory. Tahiti's Teahupoo is one of the most coveted surfing swells in the

Vicariously Surf Indonesia’s Tidal Bores with Rip Curl’s ‘Seven Ghosts’ Teaser Trailer

The Rip Curl International surf team just got back from an epic surf adventure in Indonesia, where they shredded up a muddy, murky remote river

VIDEO: Surfers in Alaska Ride Tidal Bore for Five Miles

Here's a video of surfers in Alaska stand-up paddle surfing a tidal bore for five miles. The epic, 45-minute ride took place near the Cook