surfing video

This GoPro Alana Blanchard Surfer Video Make Us Happy


This is really what it's all about: A hot surfer chick, incredible GoPro shots, and a chance to live vicariously through anyone lucky enough to be at the beach.

surfing with flares

Surfing with a Flare in Indonesia’s Mentawais Islands


Via Red Bull Minor Threat comes this cool surf footage of Bruce Irons creating some breathtaking visuals by blazing through tubes with a flare attached to the back of his board.


Professional Surfers Fergal Smith and Tom Lowe Ride the Tides of Tahiti


 It's been a while since we've featured some quality surf adult entertainment, so we can't possibly think of a better way to start a Friday than showcasing this video of Fergal Smith and Tom Lowe shredding waves off Tahiti.

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