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This GoPro Alana Blanchard Surfer Video Make Us Happy

This is really what it's all about: A hot surfer chick, incredible GoPro shots, and a chance to live vicariously through anyone lucky enough to

Watch Garrett McNamara Surf ‘World-Record 100-Foot Wave’ in Portugal

Garrett McNamara is one of those legendary surfing badasses, like Laird Hamilton, Jeff Rowley, and just a few select others, who can say he's looked

Top 10 Surfer Bros in Film History

Editor's Note: This post comes to us via the Surfer Bros at @LiquidTubesNews. Go follow them on Twitter and "Like" them on Facebook. Anytime Hollywood try’s

Who’s the Bro of the Week? You Tell Us

Each week, Bros go above and beyond the call of duty. For that, they receive Bro of the Week consideration. We’re putting the power in

Maya Gabeira Surfs Her Way Into Our Hearts with Hot Red Bull Promo Pics

Earlier this week sports megablog Bleacher Report unveiled it's The 100 Hottest Athletes of All Time. Here at BroBible, we were a just a tad