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The Craziest Wedgies In Surfing History

Anastasia Ashley should own this list.

Hot Surfer and Swimsuit Babe Anastasia Ashley Still Posting Hot Butt Pics on Instagram

In case, for some reason, you thought she may have changed with her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue fame.

Anastasia Ashley’s Butt Is Everywhere In the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

The gift that is the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue keeps on giving. We’ve told you about Alex Morgan, Emily […]

Alana Blanchard’s ‘Surfer Girl’ Web Series Is BACK

She's back! One of our favorite surfer babes, Alana Blanchard, is coming back for a second season of Alana Blanchard Surfer Girl with the dudes at Network

I Think I Just Fell In Love with Hot Surfer Girl Ellie Jean Coffey’s Instagram Pics

Unless you very, very closely follow the ins-and-outs of pro surfing, there's a good chance you're not familiar with Australian beauty Ellie-Jean Coffey. This 18-year-old stunner is

There’s a New Anastasia Ashley Surf Video and It’s Glorious

I'll tell you what: Leave it to BroBible's favorite surfer babe, Anastasia Ashley, to leave us completely breathless on a Tuesday morning. I know a

Anastasia Ashley Would Like You to Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon, But You Won’t

Just keep doing your thing, Anastasia Ashley. Her Instagram is getting hotter and hotter by the second. You won't hear one complaint from us about

Anastasia Ashley’s Butt Is Back For Her Hottest Instagram Video Yet

You guys... Who gives a sh*t about twerking?! Our favorite surfer girl, Anastasia Ashley -- who came by our office to hang out a couple

Alana Blanchard’s Instagram Game Is Ass-Tastic and Amazing

Wow have we missed Alana Blanchard. She's truly one of the 8th Wonders of the World and her Instagram bikini pics are evidence why. Just no

Ranking the 5 Hottest Anastasia Ashley GIFs on the Web

Yesterday one of our favorite babe surfers, Anastasia Ashley, blew us away with a blissful 20-second shred sesh. That got us thinking... "Hey, there's some pretty

Alana Blanchard’s Final ‘Surfer Girl’ Episode is a Hot, Bittersweet Affair

We've featured the second season of Alana Blanchard's online show Surfer Girl a LOT this year. We're not sure why: Could it be the stunning

Ever Wonder How Alana Blanchard Works Out?

These new Alana Blanchard videos are becoming the best thing about my Monday. In her latest "Surfer Girl" video, Alana heads to Haleiwa Beach Park

Heaven Is New, Thong-tastic Alana Blanchard Surfing Videos

Our Bros at Network A continue to blow our mind with "Surfer Girl," a stunning series of YouTube videos about hot surfer babe Alana Blanchard. Today's

The Top 5 Surf Spots in the World, Ranked by Hot Surfer Girls

Two weeks ago J.Camm and I were shredding up pristine breaks in Hawaii. When I say "shredding," what I mean is learning to stand-up on

We Have a Fever… For More Alana Blanchard Bikini Videos

This is a sad moment for us: Today we bid adieu to Alana Blanchard's awesome Surfer Girl Series. In the six and final episode, our favorite hot

New Alana Blanchard Bikini + Yoga Videos Make Us Go ‘Ohhhhh’ and ‘Ahhhhhhh’

Episode 4 of Alana Blanchard's "Surfer Girl" web series hit the Internet today. It includes some rather hot visuals of Alana Blanchard surfing, doing yoga, and getting

New Alana Blanchard Bikini Videos Make Us All Giggly Inside

Because she's really, really hot. Here's the third episode of Network A's "Surfer Girl," featuring our favorite Hawaiian surfer goddess swimming with dolphins in a

The First Episode of Alana Blanchard’s ‘Surfer Girl’ Is Pure Bliss

A few weeks ago we told you about a new series featuring our favorite Hawaiian surf goddess, Alana Blanchard. The first episode of "Alana: Surfer Girl" just

New Alana Blanchard Videos Are Just the Greatest Thing Ever

I will gladly go out of my way at any opportunity to post anything related to my favorite Hawaiian surf goddess, Alana Blanchard. Everything about her

In Honor of the Summer Solstice, Here Are 99 Gorgeous Girls of Summer

‪Tuesday is the Summer Solstice, a joyous day of celebratory festivals and bonfires across Europe, a day Shakespeare once called for celebrating "with pomp, with

We’ll Watch GoPro Videos of Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne Any Day of the Week

I can't think of anything more heavenly than Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey splashing around in the sun and surf for a GoPro

Video: Sun, Surf and Sand: Adventures in a Bikini

Courtesy of Ssensi Bikinis comes this beautiful reel of tropical eye-candy. Is it summer yet?

‘Bikinis & Surf: Mexico’ Is Perhaps the Most Seductive Surf Video You’ll Watch Today

Did everyone enjoy their Cinco De Mayo festivities this weekend? We sure did. The title of this fine video says it all: Three babes in

What Could Be Better Than a Video of Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey Surfing in Hawaii?

Yesterday the GoPro YouTube dropped this visual feast featuring smokin' hot surfer babes Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey. How awesome does the "scenery"

The Surfrider Foundation’s Oil Slick Bikini Calendar Is Awesome, Visually Appealing

We love the ocean around here, whether it's for surfing, fishing, or just splashing around in at the beach. It's no secret that we

17 Sexy Surfer Girl Photos to Get You Excited for Surfing Magazine’s 2011 Swimsuit Issue

Like the rest of you, we're counting down the days until the unveiling of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue — according to S.I. Senior