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Surfer John John Florence Lands Massive Air at Oakley Pro Bali

Sickest surf video you'll watch today. 

The Best 10-Minutes of Surf Action You’ll See Today

What's not to love about this video? First of all, it's filled with babes in skimpy bikinis. Second, there's nearly 10 minutes of incredible surf

Watch ‘Slicing Time,’ a Surf Edit About Night Surfing Munich, Germany’s Man-Made ‘Eisbach’ River

If you're not familiar, the 'Eisbach' -- German for "ice brook -- is a small man-made river slicing through Munich, Germany. There's a man-made wave

The Amazing Story of Blind Brazilian Surfer Derek Rabelo

This feel-good video is currently pinging around the surf universe. It will blow your mind. Derek Rabelo is just a regular 19-year old

Here’s a Gnarly Video Compilation of Surfing Wipeouts in Hawaii

Want to see a compilation of surfers getting eaten alive by humongous Hawaiian waves? Soul Collective compiled a few dozen of the gnarilest wipeouts and

Watch Billabong’s ‘Life’s Better in Boardshorts’ Surf Mini-Movie in Its Entirety

A few weeks ago we told you about Billabong's gnarly new surf-movie project, "Life's Better in Board Shorts." For starters, who among us can disagree

Watch Surfer Flynn Novak Land a Backflip and Keep Surfing

Hard to beat an amazing backflip on a surf board. Flynn Novak is a notorious expert at the feat. The best thing about

Video: Life’s Better in Boardshorts

Some days you just need to throw all caution to the wind and ride that wave. Today's one of those days. So, for our semi-regular

Pro Surfer Dave Wassel’s Drop In on Maui’s ‘Jaws’ In Truly Epic Fashion

This video is just further proof that the surfers who manage to wrangle big waves have balls the size of cantaloupes. Here we

Watch an Amazing GoPro of Surfers Ripping Barrels at the North Shore’s Pipeline

This Hero HD video popped up on the GoPro YouTube channel yesterday and it's too amazing not to share. Pro surfers Mark Healey,

The Trailer for ‘Raw’ Is the Best Surf P*rn You’ll Watch Today

It's gray and rainy and generally crappy here in the Northeast, and right about now we could use some azure surf and white

The Five Worst Surfing Wipeouts of 2011

HEY: Today is the Surfer Poll Awards 2011 in Hawaii! The nominees for the "Worst Wipeout" category are always a good time to

Watch Neon-Clad Australians Night-Surf Bondi Beach in Glowing TRON Costumes

Glow-in-the-dark surfing is nothing new to us; A few months back we saw Argentine professional surfer Aritz Aranburu shred on a glowing L.E.D.

‘Fiji Vignette’ Is One of the Sickest Surfer Videos You’ll Ever Watch

Professional surfers Taj Burrow and Jay Davies recent spent some time in azure waters of Figi shredding the epic late-Autumn swells. They brought their buddy

Here’s Garrett McNamara Allegedly Setting the Record for Riding the Largest Wave Ever Surfed

Our friends at BNQT brought this video to our attention earlier, but we were scouring for a video minus the Sports Center commentary.

Scenes From Flynn Novak’s Summer of Surfing Indonesia

Flynn Novak is a professional surfer from the North Shore of Oahu. He recently spent the summer in Indonesia, shredding and getting a taste of

Night Surfing San Diego’s Bioluminescent Waves

Let's end a big day with a cool, kinda trippy late-night surf video. This is a cut, dugg up by the folks at The High

Hurricane Sidewalk Surfing in Salisbury, Maryland

Just because parts of Maryland's Eastern Shore were underwater over the weekend doesn't mean there wasn't still plenty of fun to be had.

Watch Australian Surfers Battle Massive Winter Swells on Sydney’s Bronte Beach

Last week a low pressure system and cyclone caused huge swells all up and down Australia's east coast. Bronte Beach in Sydney remained one of

Go Big with Hugues Oyarzabal’s ‘Rippers In Paradise’ and ‘Peace and Left II’

Let's face it: 90% of you aren't thinking about snow right now, especially when it comes to action sports. You're thinking about water sports, the

Final Day of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2011, As Filmed By Remote Control Helicopters with GoPros

This is almost a month old, but it's still really, really awesome. Using remote control quadrocopter with attached GoPros, the folks at Extreme Aerials captured

Zoltan Torkos Pulls Off First Filmed Darkslide in Surfing History

Back in early March, surfer Zoltan ‘The Magician’ Torkos made headlines for pulling off a kickflip on a surfboard. As the first person to successfully

Finally, Some Surf P*rn with a Dubstep Soundtrack

There's no such thing as middle ground when it comes to dubstep: You either love it or you hate it so much that you'd rather

Rip Curl Unveils More Incredible Surfing Footage of Indonesia’s Mysterious Tidal Bores

Last week we gave you a little taste of Rip Curl's epic surf quest in Indonesia, where the Rip Curl exploration team shredded up a

This Is What It Looks Like to Surf Duluth, Minnesota, in the Middle of the Winter

A lot has been made over the last few years about so-called "Great Lakes" surfing. In 2005, the phenomenon gained momentum thanks to Vince Deur's

VIDEO: Body Boarding Down a Dam Looks Fun

Boogie boarding down a dam probably isn't the smartest thing in the world to do, but the sheer lunacy of the idea didn't stop borderline-insane