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New Image of Ben Affleck as Batman Suggests Batman Doesn’t Shave Every Day

Ben Whofleck?

Because Someone Over At Marvel Must Be On Drugs, The Superhero Thor Is Now A Woman

Was this really necessary guys...

If Drake Fans Were Super Heroes

Drake is not for everyone, but for his diehard fans he's their spirit animal...or something.

5 Superhero Movies We All Want To See

Ever since the Great Depression to today’s modern era when Kristen Stewart is still taken seriously as an actress, movies have always been seen as

Watch Pete Holmes Explain Why Wolverine Is the Most Useless X-Man

He's made of metal... which just happens to be the one thing his main bad guy has control over. Watch Professor X let him down

Aaron Eckhart is… ‘Frankenstein’?

Umm... what?

Superheroes and Villains Really Love Introducing Themselves

Really good people and really bad people don’t just casually appear on the big screen. They usually announce their existence and arrival with great fanfare.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Superman

Superman is the best superhero. If you disagree, you’re just an idiot. Here are some things you may not have known about the Man of

Check Out This ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer or Superman Will Kill You

If you don’t like Superman, you’re living life all wrong. The world’s best superhero hasn’t gotten proper treatment on the silver screen in a long,

Reebok Unveils Marvel Superhero 2012 Summer Footwear Collection

Whoever is running the quality control over at Reebok needs to be put down immediately. Shoeless homeless people wouldn't even wear some of these Marvel-inspired

Get Amped for ‘Avengers’ with This Awesome Superhero Compilation

Can't wait to see "The Avengers?" Whet your appetite with this amazing superhero compilation.

It Turns Out Fake Batman Is a Real-Life Hero

When Maryland police pulled over a guy dressed as Batman driving a Lamborghini last week, most of us just assumed the guy was a run-of-the-mill

Seattle’s Superhero Phoenix Jones Gets Arrested and Has Identity Revealed (w/photo and video)

Last time we heard from Seattle's superhero, Phoenix Jones, he was in a heap of trouble. Crime was fighting him and crime was kicking his

Czech Republic Superhero SuperVaclav Attacks Man With Dog Crap

SuperVaclav hates your dog sh*tting on the grass so much that he'll pick it up, smear it on you, and then throw the rest in

Video: Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Attacked While Trying to Fight Crime

Look at this f*cking nitwit. This crime-fighting moron, who thinks he is a legitimate superhero, is someone's son, and is the byproduct of unprotected, teenage