the walking dead

Every Death From Season 5 Of ‘The Walking Dead’ All In One Video Is A WHOLE BUNCH Of Deaths


Anyone who has watched season five of The Walking Dead knows that there's a whole lot of killing going on.

conan o brien

This Supercut Of ‘Conan’ Season 4 Is A Cavalcade Of ‘WTF Did I Just See?’


I just watched this four minute and fifty-three second supercut of Conan O'Brien's fourth season on TBS and I have to say, I'm not exactly sure what the hell I just saw.

worst horror movies

The Cheesiest Horror Movie Death Scenes Of All Time: Supercut


If there is one tradition that never fails to amuse around Halloween it's the proliferation of REALLY, REALLY bad horror movies that show up on our TV sets that, dammit, we watch anyone because they have long since crossed over from just being "bad" movies to that fun territory known as "fun bad.

robert downey jr

Supercut Of Robert Downey Jr.’s Best Movie Moments Reminds You What Makes Him So Great


Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes are all in this pleasurable watch.

late night tv

Here’s A Supercut Of News Reporters Making Penis-Shaped Weather Patterns On Live TV


YouTube There have been a lot of accidental penises drawn on live TV over the years.

tv shows

Proof That Dennis Reynolds From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Is A Hilarious Sociopath And Sexual Predator


YouTube The world didn't need to go out and make a video to prove to everyone who watches It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia that the man --nay, the mastermind -- who birthed the D.


This supercut of cats in movies means the Internet has reached it’s pinnacle


Well, we can officially close the Internet now because FINALLY someone has put together a supercut of cats in movies, or "supercat" for short.

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