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Here’s Every Single ‘Motherfucker’ that Samuel L. Jackson Has Ever Said In a Movie

Well, motherfucker. Would you look at that?

The People Passing Out On Live TV Supercut Is The Height Of Comedy

I could watch a forty minute version of this.

Watch This ‘Kids Cursing In Movies’ Supercut, Because ‘Eat Shit and Die, Ricky!’

All kids love cursing. Can't get enough of it.

Someone Edited Every Robot-On-Robot Action Sequence From The ‘Transformers’ Trilogy Into 20 Minutes Of Robot Carnage

Not like you're missing out on any plot.

Here Are All the Penis Nicknames Ever Used In Movies


The ‘Don’t Die on Me’ Movie Supercut You Never Knew You Needed

People who write movie scripts need to find some new lines.

This Supercut of Every Face Punch in ‘Road House’ Is the Most ‘Pain Don’t Hurt’ Video of All Time

It serves as a great reminder of just how much pain don't hurt. And also what a fucking total dreamboat Swayze was. Wait. What?

A Supercut of Louis CK Talking About Dicks? Sure, Why Not

This is essential afternoon viewing.

This Supercut of Tattoos in Movies Will Stay With You Forever

So much ink.

Apropos of Nothing: Here Are All 522 ‘Fucks’ in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Jesus Christ. Did Jordan Belfort and his pride of Wall Street miscreants all have Tourette's? FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO FUCKS. That's a lot of fucks.

Watch the Ultimate Supercut of Sterling Archer One-Liners

A supercut of one-liners from the drunken, womanizing, and hilarious title star of Archer? Yes. Yes please.

Here’s the Amazing Supercut of Auburn Fan Reactions to Saturday’s Miracle Win

If you missed the Alabama-Auburn game on Saturday, you’ll likely never forgive yourself. And you shouldn’t. The game, especially the final half-hour, was the very

8 Minutes of Buddies in Buddy Cop Movies Buddying It Up

When you want to watch a movie without using your brain, tossing on a buddy cop movie is usually a solid choice. The premise is

Here’s a Timely Supercut of Horror Movie Monsters Sneaking Up on People

Has any household item been ruined more by horror movies than the medicine cabinet? You can't open a cabinet, grab your toothpaste, then close it without knowing

And Now a Supercut of Stephen Colbert Breaking Character

Stephen Colbert is not a conservative, but he plays one on television. His award-winning late-night program is all kinds of genius and its success is

The Marty McFly Screaming Supercut Will Take You Back to the Future Loudly

Michael J. Fox really got to show his acting range in the Back to the Future trilogy. His turn as time-traveling Marty McFly captured the

This Supercut of Jason Dufner’s Waggles From the PGA Championship is Fucking Mesmerizing

All I can say is thank fucking god this isn't a supercut of Keegan Bradley's pre-shot routine. If I had to imagine up a nightmare

You Will Enjoy the ‘Rappers Shouting Out Their Jewish Lawyers’ Supercut More Than You Think

You bust your ass in high school. You matriculate into a top-30 college. You skip nights out and graduate with a 3.9, then you kill

Check Out a Pretty Great Supercut of Louis CK Yelling the Word ‘Jesus’

Louis CK grew up pretty Catholic - there's a great episode in the first season of his show that chronicles him as a little kid

This Is the Most Ridiculous Supercut of Animals Twerking You’ll Watch Today

The Huffington Post has compiled a bat-shit crazy supercut of animals twerking. That's right... Animals getting their booty-poppin' Miley Cyrus on for the Internet's entertainment.

Check Out This Excellent Supercut of Saul Goodman’s Best Lines

Words of wisdom from the best criminal lawyer in the ABQ. Though Breaking Bad only has eight episodes left, we may be seeing more of

Bill Clinton Sings ‘Blurred Lines’ Because Internet Demanded It

People like this song, huh?

Life as an Airline Pilot, The Supercut

Want a panty-dropping opening line at the bar? Try this one: “I’m a commercial airline pilot.” You’ll thank us later.

Simpsons Fans Will Appreciate This ‘Hi, I’m Troy McClure’ Supercut

Like many of my generation, I grew up devouring episodes of 'The Simpsons' after school. Before South Park and Family Guy started pushing the envelope, it

This Supercut of Video Games in Movies is a Nice Stroll Down Memory Lane

This is an admirable project right here. Some of those old games look downright prehistoric. But hey, some of the actors playing them like that

Phone Booths Are Very Dangerous. Do Not Go In a Phone Booth If You Are In a Movie.

Never took the time to realize the peril that is associated with phone booths in movies. Astonishing. 

The Best of Mr. Weir From ‘Freaks and Geeks’

We're all pretty aware that Freaks and Geeks  was well ahead of its time, basically in every possible manner--from the cast to the content to

This Supercut of Fake ‘Law & Order’ Websites Will Delight You

As a fervent “Law & Order” fan, I was equal parts impressed and depressed at how many of these I recognized. God bless you, Dick

A Spectacular Supercut of Tyrion Lanister’s One-Liners

Our Bros at Guyism straight killed it with this amazing one-liners supercut of the biggest wee little Bro on "Game of Thrones," Tyrion Lannister.  Bros... Click here

Here’s a Supercut of Smart-Ass Comments by Roger Sterling

Here’s some more Mad Men goodness to get you amped up for the season six premiere.

Here’s a Pretty Great Supercut of All the Obscenities Uttered in ‘Game of Thrones’

They're angry in Westeros. Like, middle-management pissed at their boss for never getting that promised promotion angry. 

Game of F*cks: A Supercut of All the Swearing from ‘Game of Thrones’

Imagine a world where "Game of Thones" is on basic cable. What a lame, boring world that would be. Thanksful, we have HBO. Slackatory made

The ‘Woody Allen Stammering in Movies’ Supercut is 44 Minutes Long

Woody Allen is really good with words but, God DAMN, does he take forever getting them out of his mouth.

Here’s a Supercut of Seals Yelling Like Humans, Because Goats Are So Two Weeks Ago

Two questions: 1. Are we currently barrelling toward an Internet world where the life cycle of a meme is only, say, 10 minutes? We hardly

Bored? Check Out This Supercut of Hilariously Bad Karate

God, we missed a lot of classically stupid movies the day Chris Farley died. However, we missed nothing when Dustin Diamond's career died with Screech.

Squint Eastwood Is Hollywood’s Greatest Living Actor

This might explain the whole empty chair thing at the Republican National Convention. Dude has trouble seeing things.

Presenting Animals Playing Sports in Movies: The Supercut

Someone should have asked a Super Bowl participant if they’d be OK with a teammate from another species. THAT would have created some talking points

Here’s a Supercut of Every Insulting Name Said in ‘Archer’

"Archer" comes back on Thursday, and we're pretty pumped about it. So are the good folks at Slacktory, who put together this supercut of insulting

This Supercut of People Saying ‘I Can Explain’ in Movies is Unexplainable

I had to "explain" once and it wasn't a whole helluva lot of fun. Evidently, some chicks don't actually want to hear an explanation when

Every Single Pop Culture Reference from Tarantino Movies, In Chronological Order: The Supercut

Excluding "Django Unchained," of course. Every fan knows how much Quentin Tarantino loves name dropping (you practically Google and Wikipedia access to get many of