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Acoustic Guitar Bro Plays 20 of 2013’s Most Overplayed Songs in One Minute

I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone want to hear 20 songs they’re already sick of hearing yet another time? I thought the same

Superheroes and Villains Really Love Introducing Themselves

Really good people and really bad people don’t just casually appear on the big screen. They usually announce their existence and arrival with great fanfare.

Watch the 50 Saddest Scenes in Movie History

What a great way to start a Monday morning. Surely these scenes of immense sadness and anguish will set the tone for your upcoming week.

Here’s Video Proof Aaron Sorkin Likes to Reuse His Best Lines

Aaron Sorkin is immensely talented and has written some amazing stuff.

Here’s President Barack Obama Singling Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’

I really wanted to hate this, but for some reason found myself enjoying it.

This ‘Pulp Fiction’ Remix is Extremely Well Done

In fact, it’s about 1/100th as cool as Samuel L. Jackson. High praise.

This ‘Confrontation’ Supercut Will Make You Want to Fight

Are you ready to fight? No? Too bad.

Jay Z’s ‘99 Problems’ Recreated with Film Clips

When I see something like this, two emotions come to the surface. First, a sense of pride in what a driven human being with a

Movie Middle Fingers Supercut

Whether you call it "flipping the bird," "giving the f*ck finger," "middle finger," "single-digit salute," or "giving someone the finger," it's the universal

The Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi Supercut

The internet loves Steve Buscemi. Whether it's "Girls with Steve Buscemi Eyes," or this compilation of the fine actor dying in a wide

‘What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger’: The Music Supercut

Musicians, rappers, and producers, listen up: There's nothing original about the phrase "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger." Here's two minutes and

A Supercut of Seth Rogen’s Pop Culture References

The attentive Jedi warriors at New York Magazine noticed a common trend in Seth Rogan's filmography: Pop culture references. A whole heap of them. Since

Marijuana in Movies: The Supercut

Man, I got real excited about this supercut from Pleated Jeans, but sadly it's missing two of my favorite marijuana scenes in movie

The Fifty U.S. States and Their Capitals: The Supercut

We're blatant suckers for super cuts (hell, we've even created two of our own). But this gem takes the whole supercut game to

Women Suck At Making Coffee: The Hilariously Misogynistic Supercut

I've been addicted to coffee long enough to know that nothing -- besides a well-done steak -- is more disappointing than a tepid,

Check Out This Movie Supercut of Twin Towers ‘Cameos’

With the somber 10th anniversary of the September 11th attack a little over a week away, New York City-based animator Dan Meth dropped this celebratory

A Supercut of Every Tami Taylor ‘Y’all’ From ‘Friday Night Lights’

This morning AG told you about 'Friday Night Lights' Emmy nomination for Best Drama. Tomorrow night the series will call it a quites on NBC.

VIDEO: Every Single Epigraph Moment in ‘The Wire’

We all agree that "The Wire" is not only the greatest show in HBO history, but probably TV history, right? It's a little old, but

Sound Advice From Cinema’s Greatest Bro Dads: The Supercut

Ladies and gentlemen, we have fantastic news: Our first book "My Dad is a Bro" comes out today! We'd be thrilled if you did us

Every Single ‘You Look Like Sh*t’ in Movie History

Dear Hollywood screenwriters, I don't care if you're a multi-millionaire living in some Beverly Hills mansion who writes big budget blockbusters or struggling to pay the