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Mario Balotelli Just Luigi’ed

This is a post about a soccer.

“Game of Thrones: Super Mario World” Combines Everything You Love

Fantasy world.

Guy Plays the ‘Super Mario’ Theme Song Using Only His Fingers

Sure, this is cool and definitely something a klutz like me could never do in a million years. But... BUT...

Super Mario Bros Reimagined As ‘Seinfeld’ Is Something That Exists

The laugh track on this made me want to blow my fucking brains out. In fact, this entire video did […]

The 49ers’ Vernon Davis Just Pulled Off This Awesome Luigi Jump

Look at the little leg kick at the end of his jump. 

‘Full Screen Mario’ is Your Productivity Killer Today

Were you planning on doing any work the rest of today? Too bad. All of Super Mario Bros. is on the internet for you to

Enjoy an Acoustic Medley of Songs from Super Mario Brothers

Man, I don't know how I missed this when it first hit YouTube back in May, but hot damn is this fun. An acoustic trio performs

Mario Is Ryan Gosling in ‘Kart,’ an Outstanding ‘Drive,’ Super Mario Mashup

"I Kart."

‘Super Modern Mario Bros.’ Turns Mario Into ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Here's a funny quick video that imagines what the first level of Super Mario Bros. would look like if it were created in 2012.

Stop-Motion Super Mario Bros. is Oddly Mesmerizing

Super Mario Bros. was the gateway drug for a generation of kids who had the audacity to tell their parents that no, they would not

15 Kinda Epic Costumes in Honor of Super Mario Bros.’ 25th Anniversary

Long before you mastered "Madden," "FIFA," and even "Golden Eye" or "NBA Jam," there's a pretty good chance you squandered many hours with a gray