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How To Appear To Give A Crap About Sports When You Really Don’t Give A Crap About Sports


With the Super Bowl just days away it's easy to tell who's genuinely excited about the game and who doesn't give a hot shit.

super bowl

These Are The Best Super Bowl Commercials Of 2015 That Have Hit The Web So Far


via YouTube The best Super Bowl commercials of 2015 are hitting the Internet faster than we can keep track of.

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6 Times Roger Goodell Looked Like He Was Holding In A Queef


Sometimes even a man as strong a Roger Goodell might quuef.


New York City Restaurant For Rich Assholes Selling A Dozen Wings For $4,900 On Super Bowl Sunday


Stuffing your face with wings on The Super Bowl is a tradition as American as hot dogs and fireworks on the 4th of July.

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Key & Peele Give Us Their Super Bowl 49 Picks, Show How Ridiculous NFL Analysts Can Be


Comedy Central's Key & Peele have an unmatched gift for lampooning all things related to football.

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The 10 Most Hilarious Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

By | 2 Comments

Thanks goodness for Super Bowl commercials, relieving tension in between the big moments of the biggest game of the year.

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Dude Perfect Shows Every Asswipe That’s Going To Be At Your Super Bowl Party


The Super Bowl is almost upon us so that means Super Bowl parties, which are great if everyone there is your bro.

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