those balls are perfect

The Gregory Brothers Songify Tom Brady’s DeflateGate With ‘Those Balls Are Perfect’ Auto-Tune


Thankfully the DeflateGate scandal only has a couple more days of testicle puns and media coverage.

super bowl prop bets

12 Props To Bet And The Super Bowl XLIX Pick Against The Spread


The Super Bowl is bittersweet because it marks the end of the football season.

aaron hernandez

Aaron Hernandez Won’t Be Allowed To Watch The Super Bowl


If you're sitting there wondering to yourself, "hey, I wonder if former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be allowed to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday," you can stop wondering.

super bowl ad

Mexico Wants You To Stop Buying American Products In This Over-The-Top Super Bowl Ad


In what is soon to be one of the most talked about Super Bowl ads, 'Avocados From Mexico' are attempting to trick Americans into buying Mexican avocados in place of the superior California grown avocados, and they're doing so by using humor and religion.

Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl Prop Bets You Can Make On The Commercials


With all those eyeballs glued to the television screen, advertisers know that the Super Bowl is a brand's prime opportunity to make an impression.


Seattle’s Obsessed With Football And Weed: 12,000 Joints Rolled For ’12th Man’ Twelve Pack


A weed retailer in Seattle has capitalized on the city's obsession with the number twelve by rolling 12,000 joints to be sold in twelve packs of joints, in honor of the Seattle Seahawks '12th Man'.

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