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The University of Washington Rioted to Celebrate the Seahawks’ Super Bowl Win

Reports are trickling in today that the University of Washington "rioted" to celebrate the Seahawks' Super Bowl win last night, but the word "riot" here appears to

Here’s Every Super Bowl Ad Condensed into One 30-Second Spot

Super Bowl commercials are an exercise in bloated excess. Jimmy Kimmel managed to condense every ad you'll see into one quick spot. 

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy as Richard Sherman and Erin Andrews Is So, So Good

The folks over at Garlic Jackson Comedy have dubbed this "Shermit the Frog" and it is god damn amazing. 

This Sexy Super Bowl Themed Shoot With Kelly Karloff Has Us Wanting More Kelly Karloff

Broncos? Seahawks? I like them both when they are on this babe. 

A Pro-Marijuana Group Is Putting Up Some Excellent Billboards Outside MetLife Stadium This Week

The pro-marijuana legalization group Marijuana Policy Projecty bought billboard space outside of MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII and are putting up signage comparing the

Let’s Watch a Nicely Dressed Kate Upton Perform Victor Cruz’s Touchdown Dance at MetLife Stadium

Because it's a thing of beauty. 

This New York Strip Club Got a ‘Super Pole’ Just in Time for the Super Bowl

Go big or go home, right? Richard Sherman didn't get to the Super Bowl by aiming to be the NFL's fourteenth-best cornerback.

This Year’s Super Bowl is Going to Suck

Ol’ Keith really nailed this one. The more information that comes out about this year’s Super Bowl, the more it sounds like absolutely zero fun