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Super Bowl XLVII Was Third-Most Watched Broadcast in Television History

Forty-six percent of the country’s television sets were tuned to the Big Game. We have no idea what the other 54 percent were showing.

Why the Day After the Super Bowl Should Be a National Holiday

There is a petition gaining attention in Washington. It deals not with a politically divisive social issue or a budgetary debate. It’s to make today,

Ray Lewis and Michael Phelps Celebrate After the Super Bowl, Baltimore Has Proudest Moment Ever

Michael Phelps is a lot more like us than we thought. Case in point: He seemed to care much, much more about his beloved Baltimore

Cary Williams, The Ravens CB Who Pushed an Official, Calls 49ers ‘Fake Tough Guys’

You know what’s tough? Shoving referees. Doesn’t get any more badass than that.

Watch Beyoncé‘s Hot Halftime Show Again

Beyoncé stole the show, then she turned out the lights.

Jim Harbaugh Continues His Proud Tradition of Throwing Temper Tantrums

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh handled a heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl XLVII with dignity and grace. He learned to accept the things he

Here’s the Moment the Lights Went Out During Super Bowl XLVII

This may have been the most bizarre moment in Super Bowl history. Seriously.

Jacoby Jones Scores Two Incredible Touchdowns; Baltimore Ravens Win Super Bowl XLVII

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for withstanding a feverish San Francisco 49ers comeback and a momentum-killing 34-minute power outage to win Super Bowl XLVII. They

Want to Spend the Super Bowl Staring at Your Internet? Follow This Live “Trending Terms” Word Cloud

The thing about having a job that requires spending the entire day sifting through the internet is that you quickly learn to hate the internet.

The Super Bowl Pick, Plus 12 Prop Bets to Help You Enjoy the Game

The two-week-long lead-up to Super Bowl Sunday is usually a little rough. There always seems to be one story line that's beat to death because

The Official Super Bowl XLVII Drinking Game

You probably have Super Bowl plans by now. They’d be greatly improved by incorporating this drinking game into the mix. Get after it, you guys.

Beyoncé Sang the National Anthem at a Press Conference, You Guys

Beyoncé must be sick of hearing about how she lip-synched “The Star-Spangled Banner” at last week’s inauguration. What makes me say this? Well, the fact

Rob Gronkowski Gives Kid $100 Bill For Glass of Lemonade

This is actually one of the more responsible ways Gronk has ever spent $100.

Saul Goodman, Seth Rogan, and Paul Rudd Star in Funny New Super Bowl Commercial

Quick: Are you a "Breaking Bad" fan? Do you know the name of the guy who plays Saul Goodman? I'll wait. 

Media Day Photo Perfectly Sums Up Alex Smith’s Season

The good news for Alex Smith is that his team is in the Super Bowl. The bad news is that he’s been supplanted as the

ESPN Aired Ever More Tim Tebow Coverage Than It Wanted Today

What would a Super Bowl report be without Tim Tebow? That’s what ESPN would like to know.

Joe Flacco Thinks Staging Next Year’s Super Bowl in New Jersey is ‘Retarded’

Super Bowl media week is an endless stream of the same tired sports questions and nonsensical non-sports questions. Players and coaches give the same packaged

‘Tecmo Super Bowl’ Predicts Super Bowl XLVII

You should absolutely use this ever-so-scientific simulation to guide your wagering. Tecmo like the 49ers, and it likes them big.