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This Banned Carl’s Jr. Ad Features a Hot Chick Fellating the Daylights Out of a Sausage Link

If there's another way for a lady to eat a foot-long link of fast food sausage, I don't want to know about it. But let's

Here’s the Full Version of the ‘Seinfeld’ Super Bowl Commercial, Form Opinions Accordingly

Jerry Seinfeld must get asked, "when are you going to do a Seinfeld reunion?" by some mouth breather on the street at least once a

Here’s Every Super Bowl Ad Condensed into One 30-Second Spot

Super Bowl commercials are an exercise in bloated excess. Jimmy Kimmel managed to condense every ad you'll see into one quick spot. 

Anna Kendrick Is Covered In Body Paint In Newcastle’s Newest Non-Super Bowl Super Bowl Ad

SodaStream and Newcastle are winning the battle of companies who are winning the Super Bowl ad game without actually airing ads during the Super Bowl.

The ‘Full House’ Super Bowl Ad Involves Uncle Jesse Trying to Trick a Girl into Giving Him a BJ

"Have mercy," on this commercial, feminists who will write think pieces about what John Stamos' manipulative actions mean about the predominance of patriarchal attitudes in modern

Saul Goodman, Seth Rogan, and Paul Rudd Star in Funny New Super Bowl Commercial

Quick: Are you a "Breaking Bad" fan? Do you know the name of the guy who plays Saul Goodman? I'll wait. 

Eminem Stars in Chrysler’s ‘Imported From Detroit’ Super Bowl Spot, Makes Us Gush With Patriotism

We'll be back sometime on Monday morning with a more detailed look at the winners and losers of the Super Bowl commercial bonanza. In the

20 Great TV Ad Campaigns for 20 Great Beers

  When a Bro sits down to watch a football game or an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” we thankfully don’t have to suffer