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Mike Francesa Breaks Six-Year Silence on ‘Sunday Night Football’ Theme Song

Well, we knew it. We knew if Mike Francesa talked long enough, he’d eventually say something with which we agree. And it happened today.

Be Prepared to Face ‘Sunday Night Football’ Without Faith Hill

How will we survive without having Bob Costas awkwardly toss it to a pre-recorded song by the country star? It’s going to be tough, y’all.

Bob Costas Used Sunday Night Football to Be a Disingenuous Idiot

When Bob Costas is on his game, he's the best interviewer in sports. His NBC interview with Jerry Sandusky, right after his charges were made

Here’s Atari Bigby Saying He Went to ‘University of Jah Rastafari’ on Sunday Night Football Intro

San Diego Chargers safety Atari Bigby decided to give one of the weirder alma mater shoutouts you’ll ever see during last night’s game against the

I Dare You to Find a Louder ‘Bullsh*t’ Chant Than This One from Last Night’s Ravens, Pats Game

A whole lotta bullsh*t has been stankin' up the NFL over these past few weeks. And while the replacement refs play, the league, the game,

Creepy Dude Video Bombs Alex Smith During Sunday Night Football Post Game Interview

All this anxious (dude can't stand still) video-bomber needed to complete this look was a comically large cigar and thick mustache. Who knows, maybe his