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5 Reasons the Classic American Summer Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Sadly, summer ain't what it used to be here in the good ole' USA.

Problems Only Perpetually Sweaty People Will Understand

"Everybody sweats. Some people are just better at it than others, I guess."

These Summer Lifehacks Are Great for Gettin’ Drunk Outside This Summer

If you don't have a cooler that you can keep your beers cold that also has floaties so you can take it in the river/lake/ocean/pool/whatever

5 Power Moves to Pull at a Beach Bar

Dominate summer.

6 Things Needed For Your Drunken Canoe Trip

Marked by relaxation, minimal hygiene, and expressing time in beers consumed rather than hours, the cottage lifestyle is a true slice of paradise.

7 Requirements for a Kick-Ass Fourth of July Party

Go big this weekend, Bros.

5 Reasons Golf is the Best Summer Sport

Minus the need for slathering on sunscreen.

Guys Make Slip ‘N Slide That Launches You Off A 50-Foot Cliff, Win Summer

Looks like a nice little Saturday.

Stupid Scientists Want You to Stop Grilling with Charcoal to Save the Environment

Stupid, stupid scientists.

4 Best Yard Games to Turn Into Drinking Games This Summer

Drinking games and summer go together like drinking games and summer.

50 Things Guys In Their 20s Will Likely Do This Summer

Summer is upon us. Not officially, but when the weather gets north of 70-degrees, it's fucking summer.

8 People You Always See At A Pool Party

Summerrrrr. It's back. You ready to grab a 12 pack and head poolside with your bros?

Girls Wearing Short Shorts Cause These Five Problems

Nothing better in the summer than girls wearing short shorts, am I right? Yeah, I'm right.

Summer is Coming

Be prepared.

10 Brotips for Crushin’ It at the Beach This Summer

Now that it’s finally hitting 70 degrees consistently I think it’s only natural we begin to think about all the quality talent you will be

10 Reasons Why Fall Is Much Better Than Summer

With pool tarps coming out of the shed and beach days and music festivals becoming more and more extinct, we can

11 Things You NEED To Do Before Summer Vacation Ends

Have you crossed them all of your bucket list yet? 

25 More Ways the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ Are Spending Their Summer

Back in June, we checked in with one of our favorite Tumblrs of all-time, Rich Kids of Instagram, to see how

Is This Epic 10-Man Pool Basketball Alley-Oop Better Than The One From Yesterday?

IDK, guys. We have a contender. In case you missed it, watch this one FIRST for comparison. Is this 10-man pool dunk even more BRO-TASTIC?!?!?!?!?!?! 

The Best Pool Dunk of All Time Just Happened on Vine

We are not worthy. H/T: Total Frat Move

Watch a Dude Hula Hoop with an…100 Pound Tire

Apparently this is a world record. An odd one, but give it up for this fella.  

The 15 Dumbest Things About Summer

I mean, I guess summer is OK.... But it's no fall.

The 8 Worst People at Your Barbecue

These people are the WORST. STOP. RUINING. MY. SUMMER.

8 Ways to Avoid Getting in a Serious Summer Relationship

Sublime said it best: Summertime and the livin’s easy.

The Next Summer Mix Is Calling For You

You know the drill. Tim's back with an exclusive 30 minute mix to get the weekend going. Let's do it.

New Paulina Gretzky Bikini Pics Welcome You to Summer 2013

Dustin Johnson, you are one lucky, lucky Bro.... Hope your MDW was this awesome...  LIKE hot chicks? LIKE BroBible on Facebook here. 

9 Things Every Bro Should Do This Summer

Summer days are finally upon us.

A Look Into The Typical Day On Summer Break

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't party like a fratstar. 

4 Things You Will Do With Some Chick This Summer More Dangerous Than Cocaine

Cocaine may have a nasty reputation for causing heart attacks and truck stop cocksucking, but the reality is cocaine only kills roughly 10,000 people every

20 Must-Have Items Every Bro Needs to Survive the Summer

[Editor's Note: This post is brought to you by our friends at Active Junky, the Internet's place to feed your gear addiction.]

The 10 Worst People at a Summer BBQ

Who doesn't love summer? It's a time for relaxing, a time for boozing, a time for being with your boys, a time for smokeshows to

The 28 Hottest Olympians at the London Games

With the 2012 Summer Olympics fast approaching, here’s a look at some of the sexiest athletes you’ll be watching compete in London. My advice, don’t

A Babe Gives Us Two Successful Ways to Pick Up Girls on the Beach

There’s a lot out there about picking up girls on the beach, everyone makes it seem easy; girls are just laying around half naked waiting

10 Reasons Every Bro Should Be Single for Summer

Like me, many of you probably stocked the coolers, dusted off the dizzy bats, and headed seaward for your inaugural beach pilgrimage of 2012 this

35 Swagtacular Photos of Candice Swanepoel in a Bikini, Making Us Grateful Summer’s Not Over Yet

Mid-August always brings up conflicted emotions; I don't quite want the long, warm summer days to end, but I welcome Q4's back-to-school/work binge season

Bored? Pass the Time with This Girls of Summer Fail Compilation

Just like that epic sports WIN compilation the other day, you'll probably recognize many of these if you've been paying close attention over

10 Summer Sneaker/Shade Combos for Summer 2011

Mike D once said "Got more sneakers than a plumber got pliers" and really, shouldn't everybody? But as you can see in the picture, Mike D (as

10 Summer Sneaker/Shade Combos for Summer 2011

Mike D once said "Got more sneakers that a plumber got pliers" and really, shouldn't everybody? But as you can see in the picture, Mike D

This Euro Road Trip Stop Motion Video Will Get You Pumped Up for Summer

Summer road trip season is almost upon us, so there was no way I could resist this excellent stop-motion video of an April journey from