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Rat Boards New York City Subway, Causes Complete Pandemonium

Turnstile jumper.

How People Get on the Subway in Venezuela Terrifies Me

Animals. Like goddamn animals they burst through the subway doors and take the most no-nonsense approach to finding a seat I've ever seen. I wouldn't

Five Drunk Bros Stole a Llama and Took it on the Subway

Five drunk friends stole a circus llama in France this weekend and now everything you've done in life is less cool than that.

Watch a Panhandler Prank an Entire Subway

Subway panhandlers inspire a wide variety of reactions: Anger, fury, irritation. Here's one guy who didn't.

Czech Woman Falls Asleep on Subway Tracks, Miraculously Survives Incident

This Czech woman is alive. She probably doesn’t deserve to be.

Bro Gets Head on the Subway While He Conceals His Girlfriend’s Head by Pretending to Read a Book

Power move from Captain Chubby Chaser. Just fulfilling his own dreams of getting blown on public transportation by a BBW. Although her technique isn't very

Angry New Yorker Takes Serious Umbrage With Subway Performer, Says What We All Secretly Want to Say

I'd like to formally nominate this man as the voice of a revolution because... Fuck. Subway. Performers. In fact, fuck anyone in the subway looking

Watch a Tremendous Saxophone Battle Go Down in a NYC Subway

I can't decide what I like most about this video: It could be the fact that, for once this year, I'm watching something happen on