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Bad News, Bros: Your Subway Foot-long Is Not Really A Foot-Long


Years ago, the Internet discovered that a Subway foot-long is not actually one foot long.

cool kids

Chillest Kid Ever Turns NYC Subway Station Into A Grateful Dead Shakedown Party


As a unabashed Deadhead, is the dopest video I've watched on the Internet in a while.


Ebola Fever Is Alive And Well In New York City—Woman Has Ebola Meltdown On The Subway

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If there's possibly one thing that New Yorker's love to obsess over more than the weather, it's ebola.


Bro Gets Boner At WORST Possible Time, Gets It Stuck In Closing Subway Doors


This is one of those videos where after watching it you're pretty sure it was all staged, but you don't care because it was hilariously absurd.

Who is that girl?

Who Is The Girl In The Subway ‘Halloween Costumes’ Commercial?


It's October -- the one time of the year when any profession or popular character can be slutted up in the name of Halloween.

sandwich news

Paris Hilton Doesn’t Want Anyone To See Her Shove A Foot-Long In Her Mouth


Paris Hilton is in New York, and when she's in the Big Apple, she likes to visit all of her favorite haunts.


Bro Picks Up Women on Subway by Talking Through a Puppet


Model Pranksters sent a ventriloquist onto the D Train recently to pick up girls.

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