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Woman Calls 911 Because Subway Put Marina (and Not Pizza) Sauce on Her Flatzilla

I'm not sure he knows the difference.

Watch as Helpless New Yorkers Are Terrorized by a Rat on the Subway

What pussies.

The D.C. Metro is Full of “House of Cards” Spoilers

Watch out.

Bro Picks Up Women on Subway by Talking Through a Puppet

Model Pranksters sent a ventriloquist onto the D Train recently to pick up girls. His wingman? His dummy, natch. Everyone's day seems a little brightened. It's like "Franklin

Do 30 Squats, Ride the Subway for Free…Only in Russia

Christ, this is BRILLIANT. Leave it to Russia, right? 

The Beijing Subway Looks Like the Worst Place in the World

All five of your humble editors schlep through rush-hour crowds to make it to BroBible Headquarters bright and early to bring you all the content

Subway Employee Puts Penis On Sandwich Bread, Instagrams It, and Now You’ll Never Eat Subway Again

Look, no one goes to Subway because they enjoy it. Even the people working there know their sandwiches are a miserable experiece meant to be

Subway Sculpted Smokehouse BBQ Chicken Into a Bust of NFL Draft Prospect Jarvis Jones

Move over Madden and Campbell's Chunky Soup; Subway is here to potentially steal something from you because if former University of Georgia Linebacker Jarvis Jones

Watch a Girl Narrowly Escape Getting Hit by Subway

A little adrenaline boost for your Monday morning. This, friends, is why you never go down on the rails.

Jokes About Subway and Art Majors Never Get Old, Plus 10 More Facebook Follies

The whole "sandwich engineer" thing suddenly makes more sense... 

Watch This Subway Sandwich Artist Recap Fight With Guy Who Asked for Ketchup on Philly Cheesesteak

God bless this man for standing up for his principles. Ketchup is the worst. And it belongs nowhere near a delicious Philly Cheesesteak.

Guy Steals Beats Headphones Right Off a Dude’s Head In New York City Subway

Part of me thinks this is staged. Actually, a LOT of me thinks this is staged. As obnoxious as the guy's singing is, what kind

Did the New York Post Go Too Far with This Horrifying Cover Today?

Uh, yes. Yes, it did.

Rick Springfield and His Never-Say-Die Mege Hit ‘Jessie’s Girl’ Take an NYC Subway by Storm

Awesome: Rick Springfield throwing an impromptu pop-up show in an NYC subway. Not Awesome: society's inability to experience things in the moment. Look at all

Kid Licks Entire NYC Subway Railing For One Dollar

If you live in NYC or have ever watched a hobo urinate on something, then you know just how gross a subway railing is. I'd

Drunkard Falls Onto Subway Tracks, Sole Witness Robs Him Then Leaves Him There to Die

Admittedly, this is a tough video to watch. Provided that you don't have a death-by-train fetish. The basic backstory goes that a drunk man stumbling

Michael Phelps Drops Out of 200m Freestyle, May Be a Human Being After All

Best swimmer alive/Subway enthusiast Michael Phelps--who made a headline or two by winning a record 8 Gold Medals during the 2008 Olympics--will not be repeating

Two Guys Jump Across NYC Subway Tracks Without Casualty

This is something everyone that lives in New York City should go out and try this evening. If these guys could do it, you can

Here’s a Statue of Robert Griffin III Made Out of Subway’s Smokehouse Barbecue Chicken

Subway has continued its unique tradition of crafting statues of the top NFL draft prospects out of meat. God, I love America. Here’s a giant

Teenagers Play Chicken With Subway Train, Are Our Future

Teenagers at the Kingston Avenue station on New York’s No. 3 line decided to play chicken with an approaching subway train. Why? Because

What If All U.S. Interstates Were Just Subway Lines?

If the United States was connected by a nationwide subway system instead of interstate highways, we'd be less dependent on foreign oil and our air

Flyers Fan Gets in a Post-Game Subway Fight, Opponent Literally Tosses Him into a Trash Can

This is degrading on every level. The fat Flyers' fan -- who I thought was wearing a crop-top in the beginning of this

10 Worst People You’ll Encounter on a Subway

Amid the waves of faceless, ground-staring, ear-plugged drones that cycle on and off the subway each day, there are the superstars. Those men and women

Watch a Man Try to HiJack a New York City Subway with a Phillips-head Screwdriver

Another day, another video of a man losing his sh*t on a New York City subway. Yesterday a man climbed into the motorman's cab of

Flash Mob and a Pole Dancer Take Over L Train in New York

Yep, this would be my nightmare. I said it before, I'll say it again, and I'll probably even speak of it on my death bed:

‘Ironman’ Fights ‘Danny Glover’ On New York City’s C Train Subway

Here's a Mother's Day slugfest between two guys dubbed "Danny Glover" and "Iron man" on NYC's C train subway. Both are pretty scrappy pugilists and

Guy Fails Miserably at Starting a U.S.A. Chant on NYC Subway

This poor bastard. You try to show your love of country -- by celebrating a man's death through chant -- and not one person joins

‘Bloody Loco’ Wants a New York City Subway Rider to Recognize His Name

Ahhhh.... Just another day on the commute to work when an agitated man named "Bloody Loco" tears you from your page turner to insist on

VIDEO: Woman’s Horrific Singing Causes a Fight on L.A. Subway

I detest people who can't control themselves in public. Like if you need to sing that bad, stay the f*ck home. I don't want you

VIDEO: Fight on an NYC Subway Over Lack of Arm Space

Fact: There are days when commuting on the subway in New York City feels as primitive as the epic train escape scene in "Mad Max

Justin Tuck Sits Down at Subway to Talk Football, Flow, and Five-Dollar-Footlongs

Earlier this week AZ and I were invited to a Subway restaurant to get some face-time in with the monster known as Justin Tuck. Dude