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Sitting On People’s Laps “Prank” Goes Right When Prankster Gets Rocked in the Face

Let's keep punching these idiots until they go away.

Watch This Crazy Woman Go Ballistic on Subway

We haven't had a person going crazy in the subway video in quite some time, but this woman allows for a triumphant return

Crazy Catfight in NYC Subway

It's a day ending in "Y," so you know what that means -- time for another New York City subway fight!

What’s Up with the Guy Casually Carrying a Box Cutter in This NYC Subway Fight on the A Train?

Every once and a while we give you another reason avoid the New York City subway system at all costs. This one, which

‘Ironman’ Fights ‘Danny Glover’ On New York City’s C Train Subway

Here's a Mother's Day slugfest between two guys dubbed "Danny Glover" and "Iron man" on NYC's C train subway. Both are pretty scrappy pugilists and

VIDEO: Gay Guy Hits a Few Women on D.C. Subway

So being gay apparently makes it O.K. to hit women. Or at least that's what the idiot in this video apparently thinks. He likes pen*s,