stupid people

This Moron Invented The Boiling Water Challenge, Appears To Experience Total Fucking Agony

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You don't need me to tell you that throwing a pot of boiling water over your head is the shittiest of shitty decisions.


25 Idiotic Facebook Posts That Actually Got People In Trouble With The Law


YouTube It's all fun and games until someone loses a child because that someone posted a photo of their infant taking a hit off a bong and Child Protective Services came and kicked in their door and took little junior away.

stupid people

Watch These Stupid People Try To Get A Pilot’s Attention In The Dumbest Way After Missing Their Flight


Have you ever seen someone doing something so infuriatingly stupid that you almost sorta wanna go on a murderous rampage.


This Couple Claims A Horny Sex-Obsessed Ghost Tried To Ruin Their Marriage


I usually try to avoid writing about ghosts / hauntings and what-not because most of the stories are stupid.

White trash

BOOO: Family Dollar Store Manager Fired After Febreze Incident Goes Viral


Last week a Family Dollar manager in Michigan became the hero the Internet deserves when he caught a white trash woman shoplifting a can of Febreze.


Green Beret Eviscerates Gwyneth Paltrow After She Compares Reading Mean Tweets to War


The only thing that should be compared to going to war is going to war.

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