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Dude Jumps Off 5-Story Building Into Pool Below and Lives (This Time)

What do you think his end game is here? Internet fame? Street cred? His father's love?

The World’s Unluckiest Man Mistook Superglue For Lube And Accidentally Superglued His Hand To His Dick

Easy mistake...except not.

I Dare You To Watch This And Then Invent Something More Belligerently Stupid Than The Motorcycle Swing


BOOO: Family Dollar Store Manager Fired After Febreze Incident Goes Viral

Last week a Family Dollar manager in Michigan became the hero the Internet deserves when he caught a white trash woman shoplifting a can of

Family Dollar Manager Catches White Trash Woman Trying to Steal Febreze, Proceeds to Lose His Goddamn Mind

Don't make a Family Dollar store manager choke a bitch!

Green Beret Eviscerates Gwyneth Paltrow After She Compares Reading Mean Tweets to War

The only thing that should be compared to going to war is going to war.

Girl Gets a Tattoo of Her Own Selfie

Burn it to the ground. Burn ALL OF IT to the ground.

Moron Starts Grinding On a Girl in the Bed of a Truck During a Traffic Jam, Wins Appropriate Prize

Wait for it...

Bro Lets His Friend Tee Off From His Face, Gets His Tongue Impaled by Golf Tee

That is both a fail and a win if you ask me. So fucking dumb, but he isn't dead so that has to count as

Beauty Pageant Contestant Goes Full Moron While Answering a Question

The question was fairly easy: If you had to pick just one of the five senses to live the rest of your life with what

Genius Puts His Head In a Crocodile’s Mouth, Crocodile Acts Accordingly

And the Darwin Award goes to...

Girl Says, ‘Hitler Should’ve Killed All the Jews’ During Altercation, Her Car Window Suffers For It

Well, we now know at least one of the people who bought a JCPenny Hitler tea kettle. Seems thrilled to own it, too. Just wearing

Drunk Man Shows His Girlfriend Who’s Boss During a Fight by Cutting Off His Own Dick and FLUSHING IT

Right down the shitter! Bet that bitch didn't see that game-changer coming. And speaking of cumming, since all he left himself with is a bloody

Man Gets Giant Charles Ramsey Tattoo on His Leg

Something tells me that this won't be the worst decision Stephen Munhollon ever makes. I mean, if you're willing to put a viral video star

Bro Attempts to Break Car Window With His Head, Fails Repeatedly

A failure and a fucking idiot; this cat is the total package, friends. He does to his brain in 60-seconds what it takes NFL players

Guy Plants Small Explosive in a Pile of Cow Shit, Stands Right Next to It As It Explodes

I can't think of a better way to start my week then posting about a dipshit who purposely gets himself covered in cow shit. People

Chinese Lady Takes a Sh*t in Glass Elevator While Husband Stands Guard. Did We Mention It Was GLASS?

It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Smart people, ugly people, handsome people, homeless people, people who like to sing and call

Bored? Watch the Top 5 Prank Videos of the Last Month

I don't even know why we ask if you're bored anymore. Of course you're bored. 

Former Tennessee Politician Arrested For Masturbating Out Car Window While Car Was Moving

This is not a story from The Onion. This is a story about a real-life jerk off artist, a master of the ancient craft. Former

Drunk Dude Climbs Onto Power Lines, Drunk Dude Falls Off Power Lines and the World Spins Madly On

I'm torn on which is a worse plight for a drunk man: climbing up a power line pole and hanging from the cables (shouldn't that

Bro Tries to Breathe Fire, Succeeds at the Expense of His Friend’s Body

You've got to just ask why? Why would you need to have a naked guy in front of you to catch fire should you succeed

This is What Happens When a Genius Tries to Shoot a Bottle Rocket From His Ass

Here's how I look at this, or any other kind of addle-minded asshole-related trickery: if you're trying it, you deserve every bad ending possible. That's

Boxer Gets Disqualified Because Intentionally Punching a Ref in the Face is Apparently Frowned Upon

Homeboy was doing work and no one, not even the ref, was going to get in his path of destruction. So he socked that little

Female Duke Lacrosse Player Goes ‘Blackface’ on Halloween, Photo Naturally Lands on Team’s Website

I was about to give her the benefit of the doubt, and argue that perhaps her costume required a black face but had nothing to

Man Walks Into Bank Trying to Commit ID Fraud in the Worst Disguise of All Time

This is beyond a poor attempt. He actually looks like a face from a Guess Who? game board. He's that one character, that gamble, that

And This is Why You Don’t Try to Cook a Squirrel With a Blowtorch

I live in constant fear that one of my neighbors is going to do something stupid and kill me as I lounge on my couch

If You Find or Steal a Debit Card, You’ve Got a 20% Chance of Guessing the Pin

Amazingly, one fifth of the population is still using 1234, 1111, or 0000 as the pin number for their debit cards. They operate with ignorance,

U.S. Olympic Sprinter Tyson Gay is Referred to as ‘Tyson Homosexual’ by Christian News Site

This is why banning or flagging words on a website is ridiculous. I've fought the good fight on this very site because we Roger Maris

If You’re Going to Snort Condoms, You May as Well Break a World Record in the Process

I hope this record isn't recognized by Guinness. Snorting three measly condoms is laughable. For a guy it might be a feat, but I know

This Guy’s Camouflage Boxers Couldn’t Even Save His Nuts From Rubber Mallet Destruction

What a stupid f*ck. Got what he deserved, really. I mean, his major misstep here was obviously that he wore desert-style camo when the terrain

Two Guys Jump Across NYC Subway Tracks Without Casualty

This is something everyone that lives in New York City should go out and try this evening. If these guys could do it, you can

Two of the Stupidest Girls EVER Conduct the Most Remorse-Free Post-Theft Interview of All Time

Right here we've got one of the best Q&A's I've ever had the good fortune of seeing. The two girls being interviewed by some local

Comic Book Fan Paints Himself Green to Look Like the Hulk, Used Permanent Paint

Before we dive into what happened here let me just say yes, this jerk off is trying to scrub the green paint off himself with

Welp, This Kid Probably Doesn’t Have Nips Anymore

This kid learned at a young age that if you are willing to do entertaining and painful things to yourself, people will watch

The Mayor of East Haven Connecticut is the Stupidest Man in America

I saw this on Gawker yesterday but at the time there was no YouTube video to be found. Well now there is, and

Drunk Man Unaware That the Car He Is Sitting In Is on Fire

Drunk driving is a horrible thing to do. Drunk driving a car that is up in flames is monumentally moronic.

Drunk Man Crashes Car into a ‘Booze it and Lose it” DUI Checkpoint

Boozin' and cruisin' really is just like a video game, only in this game the car doesn't explode and regenerate itself. It just explodes. Or

Man Proves That Sometimes You Shouldn’t Fake a Relative’s Death to Get Out of Work

I'll admit it, I've re-killed several already dead relatives and a few fake aunts I never had just to get out of work. Am I

Idiot Rides on the Outside of a J-Train Subway Car

Love his dedication to keep the soundtrack to his life blasting on the iPod. I mean, why bother having all your senses when

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Pen*s Effectively Ruining the Best 5 Minutes of His Day

Misfiring a hand gun at one's own genitalia is up there on my list of plights I never want the misfortune of having to endure.