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Handcuffed Man High on Meth Shoots Cops With Gun Hidden in Butt

What would you do in that situation?

This Man Reportedly Had Drunk Sex With a Picnic Table…and Also an ATM

This is Lonnie Hutton. He is a 49-year-old man...with a sexual affinity for objects.

Teenager Caught With Loaded Gun Stuffed Inside Her Vagina

Gives new meaning to the phrase conceal and carry.

Worst First Date Ever? Guy Swipes Woman’s Dog, TV

The dog and TV are valued at $7,000.

Bro Wearing ‘Drunk as Shit’ Shirt Gets DUI

He was charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment, harassment, and strangulation.

McDonald’s Customer Pulls Gun on Employee For Forgetting Dipping Sauce

Can you blame him?

Drunk Woman Shows Up Completely Naked to Visit Jailed Husband

Maura Fussell's husband was arrested Saturday afternoon, after drinking all night in Clarendon, Virginia.

Indiana Woman Calls 911 to Report Her Missing Marijuana

She really wants it back.

Holy Crap! This Footage of a Man Carjacking Three Rides in a Minute is ‘The Fast & The Furious’ IRL

A Dom Toretto wannabe.

Genius Man Attempts to Pay Applebee’s Check With Trillion Dollar Bill

When committing a crime, it’s always best to think reasonably. Never go for the vault if the cash at the […]

34-Year-Old Woman Caught Sleeping With Teenage Boy Jumps Out of Bedroom Window, Breaks Ankle

What do you get when you cross a sexual predator with a stupid criminal? You get the above woman,¬†Keri Gonzalez, […]

Texas Man Gives Terrific Mug Shot After Being Arrested for Making Gun Sounds in Movie Theater

This might be my second favorite mug shot in recent memory. The first is still, and always will be, this one -- MAN. His obese non-neck

This Woman Was Arrested With Meth Shoved Up Her Ass and a Loaded Gun in Her Vagina

I think the craziest detail of this entire scenario, which includes an asshole stuffed with meth and a revolver-filled vagina, is that this girl is

Partying Teenagers Arrested for Wrecking $500,000 Home After Seeing ‘Project X’

What you're telling me is the movie "Project X" is the sole reason why a group of teenagers drank underage and destroyed a $500,000 house?

Chinese Nationals, Terrible Sailors, and Robin Thicke Busted With Weed

This week, like every other week, played host to a few noteworthy marijuana busts across the U.S. Some were big, some were small, some were

Headline of the Day: Man Smuggles 10-inch Gun Into Jail By Way of His Rectum

Jesus, what a loose anus hole. Even weirder than him stuffing a gun up his ass is that the thing wasn't loaded. Probably a good

Five Monmouth College Sorority Sisters Arrested for Stealing a Full Nativity Scene

So is Kappa Kappa Gamma Monmouth's hottest soroity or what? Yikes! 

Crazed Wall Street Bro in Hot Water After Stalking and Harassing Sexy Ex-Lover

Despite the discoloration on her lateral inciser, Daniela Rausnitz, 25, still looks like a doable piece of ass. So doable, in fact, that her ex-lover,

Attractive Woman Has Sex with Nephew During Thanksgiving

So how was your Thanksgiving? I'm sure you ate enough turkey and stuffing that you looked like the gluttony obese victim from the movie "Se7en."

Tower Defense and Aerospace Factory Workers Smoke Weed and Drink Brews on Lunch Breaks

Building passenger airplanes and military equipment (tanks, hummers, other legitimate wartime sh*t) is a tough job. Nerve wracking, even. One misstep on your part and

Running Your P*rn Site on School Equipment Is a Bad Idea, Especially If You’re a Teacher

If teaching unappreciative kids wasn't difficult enough, teachers have a hectic schedule outside the class: planning lessons, grading 32 book reports about "Twilight," and upkeeping

Two MMA Fighters Foil a Thief’s Plan to Rob a Motel

What an anal conquistador this thief must be. You never, EVER, put your gun away mid-robbery. No gun = no line of defense. And no

61-Year-Old Man Steals $130,000 From Employer to Fund His Online P*rn Subscriptions

How the hell could 61-year-old, Michael “Mickey” Leroy Webster (yes, that's his given name) actually pay for adult entertainment, you ask? I have no idea,

Northern Ireland Man Set His Apartment On Fire While Trying to Turn His Feces into Gold

Normally people think their "sh*t doesn't stink" or that their "sh*t tastes like ice cream" but not Northern Ireland's Paul Moran. Nope, Paul believes his

Hard to Beat Headline of the Day: Employee Injected Semen Into Co-workers’ Yogurt Over 20-Month Span

Office antics (slaps knee), what a f*cking hoot they are! If you haven't played Hide Your Semen in a Co-Workers Lunch, you've deprived yourself of

23-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested For Phantom Sh*tting in a Middle School

We had a phantom sh*tter in my high school. At the time it was pretty hilarious. Added an extra layer of excitement to your day.

Pro Tip: If You’re Going to Rob a Bank, Use a Mask to Hide Your Face, Not an Air Filter

If this retard, from Cumming GA, can pull off a bank robbery, with no mask, no gun, a toolbox, and an air filtration device covering

Someone Robbed a P*rvert’s Child P*rn Stash and the Idiot Reported It to the Cops

This is how retardedly f*cked up people who look at kiddie adult entertainment are. I mean, we all knew their brains had to be some-kind

A Diaper Wearing, 7-Year-Old, Pennsylvania Boy Was Forced to Live in a Basement and Sleep in Coffin

This pile of messed up sh*t happened in good old Scranton, Pennsylvania. Home of "The Office" and where your's truly spent his formative years before

Three Idiots Arrested For Stealing a 30-Pack Of Tecate in the Worst Heist Ever

In the words of Walter Sobchak, "they're a bunch of f*ckin' amateurs." I mean, how tough is it for an underage man to procure a

Undercover Cop Uses Rubber Pen*s to Bust Prostitute

How about a hand for the sophisticated hooker catching operation they've got in Manatee County, FL? Seriously, clap it up for these heroes. F*cking officers

Raw Footage: Suspect Escapes From Handcuffs and Police Car

Detroit resident, Quincy Alexander is a f*ckin' magic man. He's also apparently a fan of heroin, but lets focus on the positives. Not only did

Alberto Luis Alvarez Has Just Been Arrested…For the 99th Time

How hasn't this clown been plucked from society for good? As far as I'm concerned, you get arrested 99 times, you've more than hit your

Dale McDaniel Slapped a Quadriplegic in the Face With a Dead Fish for Wheel-Chairing on his Lawn

And Dale McDaniel just steamrolled the early front-runners to the head of the pack for Bro of the Week. That said, abusing the handicapped is

Cops Nab Child Support Delinquents with Auburn-Alabama Ticket Trick

Watching shows like "Cops" and "America's Most Wanted" was always about the sheer brutality of the moment. Whether the criminals lacked intellect or the police

Barber Beats the Hell Out of His Employee For Selling Drugs Out of His Shop

This is one mother f*cker you do not cross. In fact, I don't think I'd even be down with him operating scissors near my neck

Guy Steals Laptop, Records Dance Video, Gets Caught

Whenever I go on a friend's computer I always wonder if his web cam is recording me. I don't jerk off or anything so I'm

Video: Robbery Suspect Can’t Put His Mask On

Below we have surveillance video of an armed robber who, for the f*cking life of him, just can't seem to get that pesky mask of

Libya Violence Intensifies, Earthquake Rocks New Zealand, Bare-Nekked Bandit Caught

Here are this morning's top news headlines... Middle East: Libya appeared to slip further from the grip of Muammar el-Qaddafi, as clashes intensified in Tripoli and

Former OSU Law Student Steals and Re-Sells $35,000 in Books from Library

If you're a college student looking for a quick way to make a big chunk of money, may we suggest you not follow in the