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Crazy Russian Stunt Teenagers Make ANOTHER Crazy Stunt Video


B.A.S.E. Jumpers Jump Off New York City’s Freedom Tower and It’s Pretty Much the Most Insane Thing Ever

BASE jumpers filmed a video of an INSANE jump off New York City's iconic new skyscraper, the Freedom Tower.

Comedian Nathan Fielder Creates Restaurant ‘Dumb Starbucks,’ Which Dominates Los Angeles for Days

For the past few days, long lines circled around a fully functional coffee shop in Los Angeles called “Dumb Starbucks.” […]

Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Jumps Off Bridge to Celebrate Win

The Pittsburgh Pirates played their first postseason contest in 21 years last night, and people were appropriately psyched. After the Buccos dispatched Cincinnati in the

Kobe Bryant is Feeling Well Enough to Go Off the High Dive

I’m not a doctor or anything but it seems like jumping off a 40-foot platform into water wouldn’t be the best way to rehab a

Proposal At Minor League Baseball Game Goes Horribly Wrong

There’s a disagreement online over the nature of this proposal gone bad. You can find me firmly in the “fake as hell” camp.

‘Kick-Ass 2’ Stuntman Saves Woman from Suicide Attempt at Comic-Con

Kick-Ass 2 had a big promotional blitz at Comic-Con this weekend, releasing an extended red-band trailer heavy on the gore and profanity, co-throwing a party with

25 Craziest Things To Do Before You Die

These are literally 25 crazy things. Not like "drink beer, blackout and puke all over yourself" crazy, but actual CRAZY. 

This is a Video of Japan’s Yo-Yo National Champion. He Is Nasty.

Don't have anything to do this summer? Claim like you have something to do, but just sit around all day writing social media status updates

Watch a Motorcycle Stunt Go Very Wrong

Cool trick, bro. Can you do it again without the head injury?

Aussie Bro Gives Himself the Most Painful Wedgie Ever By Jumping Off a Bridge, Gets Denied By Chicks

Just watching this video makes my bunghole hurt 

Watch a Possible Idiot, But Ultimately Skilled Human Jump Over a Speeding Lamborghini

Awfully close. 

Real-Life Genius Lays Under Passing Train, Continues to Breathe Oxygen

You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve watched this several times and can tell you this joker come perilously close to having his head separated

‘Up’ in Real Life: Man to Attempt Transatlantic Crossing via Helium Balloons

Carl Fredrickson has met his match. 

Cool Under Pressure, Korean Driver Reverses His Way out of Head On Collision with Truck

Reverse, reverse. 

A Guy Successfully Used 20-Year-Old Ninja Turtles Pizza Hut Coupons

There are a few things to quibble about in this video, mainly dealing with the guy who pulls off the stunt—he claims to be decked

Normal Things: Guy Finds Spider on His Desk, Uses His Own Mouth As Disposal Mechanism

I've always been fascinated by the shrillness of voice potential often reached when a girl discovers a completely harmless spider on their living room floor.

Tim Tebow Now a Proud Holder of Lifetime Membership to New York’s Museum of Sex

It’s only natural that a guy who has rushed for 33 yards on the season to get this type of treatment, right? That’s, like, a

Watch This Badass Ballerina Slackline Across Two Speeding Trucks

Ballerina Faith Dickey has cojones bigger than you. The world record-holding highliner recently pulled off an impressive slacklining feat between two speeding big rigs on

Man Tries to Leap Over Golf Cart, Ends in Life-Altering Wedgie

This jumper should be ecstatic to get out of that leap with only a wedgie. If he came up 6 inches shorter, he'd have been

Chinese Acrobat Plunges Hundreds of Feet, Is Somehow Uninjured

A Chinese tight-rope walker performing a stunt hundreds of feet over a ravine with no harness fell on Sunday. Somehow, he didn’t die.

Man on Fire Tries to Land His Motorcycle in Water, Hits Land Instead

Ghost Rider here must be terrible at physics. Overshot that water by good 20 ft. Lucky for him hitting land at top speeds is a

Watch a Man Skydive from 2,400 Feet Without a Parachute

British stuntman Gary Connery pulled off this remarkable feat earlier today. The 42-year-old leapt from a helicopter and landed in an area lined with 18,600

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen Shatters His 40-Yard Dash Record

Earlier today, NFL Network host Rich Eisen continued his annual tradition of running the 40-yard dash at the league’s combine. This endeavor serves

Predictably, That Wes Welker-Butterfinger Stunt Crashed and Burned

Against all odds, Pawngo's decision to drop thousands of Butterfinger bars in Boston to mock Wes Welker's crucial Super Bowl drop mightily pissed off Patriots

Unseen ‘Fear Factor’ Contestant on Donkey Semen: Has a ‘Hint of Hay’

After yesterday's "Fear Factor" episode was pulled because NBC decided contestants drinking donkey semen wasn't the best programming move, two brave sisters rushed to tell

You Won’t be Able to Watch People Drink Donkey Semen on Tonight’s ‘Fear Factor’ After All

Tonight's "Fear Factor" will not be seen due to a last-minute decision by NBC to pull the episode, which featured contestants drinking donkey semen.

Want to See What the Most Expensive Car Crash Looks Like?

Caution: This video is very graphic and disturbing for those who may have had or still have posters of Ferraris and/or Lambroginis hanging

Watch This Guy See How Many Stupid Stunts He Can Get Away with In the Apple Store

If you've ever been in an Apple Store in New York City, you know that it's basically a public, anything-goes computer lab for