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University of Wisconsin Students Throw a Silent Disco Party In Library While Studying for Finals

This reminds me of the beginning of a barely legal orgy porno I once watched.

10 Things About College That Nobody Prepares You For In High School

I would like to think that high school aptly prepares all students for college. However, sitting here as a senior about to ride a flaming

8 Essential Study Hacks

Everyone has to eventually pull the #librarygrind in college. Work smarter, not necessarily harder. 

Top 5 Things to Do in the Library Instead of Studying for Finals

Finals are a wacky time in the life of a young college bro. You’ve pretty much been dicking around for four months and then Lo!

6 Essential Items You Need For Final Exam Week

I’ve been out of college for nearly two years and every time I hear the word exam I get flashbacks to Adderall breath and a

7 Reasons Why Studying Is Better Than Sex (Allegedly), Plus Today’s Fix

Hmmmm.... Not really sure we agree with you here. Via, though I'm sure each point is highly debatable. 

How To Prepare For An Exam Without Actually Studying

Recently, I passed a test that I was violently unprepared for. This is the scholastic equivalent of finding a $20 bill in the pocket of

Top 10 Reasons Adderall is the Best Drug Ever Invented

About 97% of all recent college graduates wouldn't have that sweet blessed college degree or that $50,000 of sweet blessed debt if it hadn't been

Girl Gets Humiliated When Her Laptop Starts Moaning and Making Sex Noises In a Library

Pranks happen, especially during the stress of finals week. But here's a lesson on why you should A.) Password protect your computer or B.) not

Here Are 8 Tips to Survive the Hell That is Finals Week

For many college students, finals week is already underway or about to begin. Too many people get caught up with the stresses that emerge this

Just in Time For Finales Week, BroBible and The Hiptics Drop ‘The Art of the All Nighter’ Mix Tape

Pulling an all-nighter this week while studying for finales? Along with that cup of coffee -- iillicit Adderall prescription -- you might as well have