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USC Bro Traveling Around Europe For the Summer in a Bathrobe

it can be pretty obnoxious to follow a social media account of a college student studying abroad in Europe

This Video Perfectly Describes Every College Girl Who’s Ever Returned From Studying Abroad Ever

Well all know the person who returns from a semester abroad and raves about how "amazing," "eye-opening," and "life-changing" their time studying abroad was.  Instead

4 Study Abroad Destinations for Carnivorous Bros

Does the phrase “bacon-wrapped sausage” set your heart aflutter?  Do you respond to high cholesterol’s menacing voice with the proverbial “YOLO”?

30 Signs You Studied Abroad in Europe

People might think that you spent half a year in Europe only to drink heavily and upload thousands of photos to Facebook, but you know

25 Things We Recently Learned About Sex and Drug Use While Studying Abroad

Travel app Triposo, which has over 3.5 million users, recently conducted a survey of almost 1000 people regarding drinking, hooking up, and general scandalous behavior when

7 Rules for Your Semester Abroad

It’s the spring semester and if you’re a Junior with rich parents (or an incredible amount of debt) you’re probably heading abroad. If you already

Bro in Michigan Lax Shirt Chugs Two Liters of Beer Back-to-Back at Oktoberfest

Ah, studying abroad—that time in many a college kid's life when he travels to live in a foreign land in order to gain a broader

The 10 Best Places to Study Abroad

In history of great ideas, studying abroad has to fall somewhere between McDonald's Dollar Menu and YouTube. When else can you party in a different

Dom Mazzetti vs. Studying Abroad

"People that don't speak English are less human than I am..." Yep, after a brief hiatus / trip abroad, Dom Mazzetti is back

What Can You Buy (Almost Legally) in Amsterdam?

Everybody knows that the coffee shops in Amsterdam and other parts of The Netherlands openly sell weed thanks to the fact that it is decriminalized

She’s Studying Abroad, But Thinks We’re Exclusive — Help!

Editor’s Note: This is the latest article by our resident hot chick, That’s What She Said. To ask her your burning questions about sex, relationships,

Word Lens iPhone App Lets You Translate Spanish Signs Via Your Camera

It's your first week studying abroad in Spain, and you obviously haven't even thought about the fact that you're going to need to know a