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Dating Website Survey Says Women Find These 10 Male Names to be the Sexiest of 2014

What's in a name?

This Study Says That Hot People Are Less Likely To Get Sick, While Ugly People…Yeah No.

Protip: don't be ugly.

Researchers Discover That Men With Attractive Wives Are Most Satisfied with Marriages

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, women don't find marital satisfaction because of an attractive husband. For the men? Yeah, looks

This Just In: Eye-Tracking Technology Confirms Everyone Stares at Women’s Boobs

Men, women, hungry children, EVERYONE is gawking at chick's tittaaaays. At least that is what recent findings from a study using eye-tracking technology confirmed. Is this surprising?

Today In News About Feminists and Environmentalists

Science has now confirmed what a lot of people have long suspected... 

You’re Depressed, Dude

Hey. Hey, buddy. You alright? You look down. Chin up.

Average American Bra Size Increases from 34B to 34DD Over 30-Year Period

On the surface, this is that quintessential high-fives-all-around-'Murica! type story: Women's bra sizes have gotten WAY BIGGER. Like, comically so. From Racked.com:

Here are the 100 Smartest Towns in the U.S.

Ah, yes, finally a ranking for the civilized to be proud of, a ranking over which to conduct philosophical debates while brewing chai tea, and

College Girls Who Smoke Pot More Likely to Sleep with You, Says Study

It's called a gateway drug for a reason. It's a gate way to get in her pants!!!

Beer Pong Balls Are F*cking Disgusting, Says Science

When I think about it, I've played beer pong in some pretty disguesting enviroments: Basements with concrete floors that are gooey with a slimy film

Middle School Dating Causes Dropping Out, Drug Use

A new study has confirmed what every middle school kid always thought: The sexually active kids in the grade are NOT going to turn out

5 Things We Learned Today About College Freshman

Once upon a time, I was a college freshman. Once upon a time, you were a college freshman. Hey, maybe you are a college freshman.  If you

College Women Binge Drinking More Than Men

Woah, woah, woah: Shocking news here: According to a study published by the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, women in college are more likely to binge

Stat of the Day: 1.2 Million Years Worth of Porn Watched Since 2006 (On Only Two Sites)

People be fappin'! 

Two-Thirds of Porn is Watched At Work, Claims Fun Study

Hey, we do it for WORK PURPOSES here at BroBible. What’s your excuse, pervert?

Hooking Up With a College Girl Might Be Harder Than We Previously Thought

This is terrible news for many of you. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Economics Majors Have the Most Sex in College

When it comes to which college major gets laid the most, James Carville said it best: It's about the economy, stupid. In a British study of

What Bad Economy? America Cheapest Place in the World for Beer Drinkers

The economy may be in tatters, but America does lead the world in one thing—it's the best place to get a beer in the world.

Pot-Smoking Teens Risk Long-Term Damage to IQ and Show Signs Similar to Alzheimer’s

Here's the skinny, Bros: you smoke too much pot, your brain will likely rot, and you'll spend your life sleeping on a cot...in a homeless

Our Nation’s High Schoolers Love to Smoke and Drink During the Day

Our future is bright. Oh, did I say bright? I meant lit-up. Our future is lit-up.

This Seems High: New Study Claims 48 Percent of Students Don’t Respect Peers Who ‘Hook Up Too Much’

This was surprising: According to a new study by the American Sociological Association, 48 percent of college students judge men and women equally harshly for promiscuity,

Stanford Professor Thinks Video Games and Internet Porn Will Make Men Extinct

I've got news for this fear-mongering dickbag: if we become extinct, we're bringing the whole human race with us. Because that's how us jerk-off artists

Study: Women with High Levels of Testosterone Don’t Want to Bang You

A University of Michigan study determined that women with higher levels of testosterone are less likely to desire sex, but are more likely to pleasure

Beer Makes Men Smarter, Says Science

This is tremendous news. Let’s celebrate by tossing back two or 12. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago found

Watch a Fascinating TED Talk About How P*rn Is Re-Wiring All of Our Brains & Turning Us Into Zombies

Yeah, it's super, super scientific. And, yeah, it's not funny or the type of thing we'd typically post. However, this TED talk from