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Professor Jerked off to Student to Help Him Focus, Student Is Also a Dolphin

Teacher-student sex has been in the news lately.

Huge Win for Selfies: Purdue to Put Student Photos on Helmets

Boiler upload.

Watch a Student Completely Rip a Teacher to Shreds for Not Knowing How to Teach

This sort of sentiment has been growing, and it probably is worth a lot more discussion than this. All this talk about the future generations

Teachers Pull Giant, Dance-Filled Videobomb Prank on Students

Holy crap, is everyone talking about this video. I mean, my uncle, who still has a Lycos account, forwarded it to me. Yes,

P*rn-Seeking Students Discover English Teacher’s Dangling Participle

An Australian teacher is taking a leave of absence while allegations that he made a adult entertainment with one of his former students are explored.