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This Cocky 17-Year-Old Straight Up Merc’d This 34-Year-Old In A Street Fight

Ah, to be young again.

A Lesson For Bullies: Stop Picking Fights With People Bigger Than You

The nerds... they're evolving.

Road Rager Gets His Ass Handed to Him By Fed Up Driver

Road rage isn't for everyone.

Chivalry Not Dead: Drunk Dude Gets Stomped Out After Pushing a Girl

These guys are true gentlemen.

Dude Refuses to Move His Car, Promptly Gets Savagely Beaten With Canoe Paddle

Never bring a fist to a canoe paddle fight.

Vicious Fight Continues Even After Fighters Slam Through Gym Window

Keep fighting 'til you hear the bell.

Las Vegas Street Brawl Caught in Stunning HD

I love the fact that the signage they are fighting in front of says "An Escalating Experience: Coming in 2013." Looks like these cats couldn't