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My Crazy Friend From High School Streaked at a Pittsburgh Pirates Game, Then Gave an Even Crazier Interview

Last week my Facebook timeline started blowing up with reactions from people I haven’t talked to in years.

How to Get Kicked out of Sporting Events

We've all gotten thrown out of sporting events. These are the best ways to go. 

If You Are Going to Run on a Field, This Is the Way to Do It

A man at the Chicago Bears-Baltimore Ravens game decided to make use of the weather delay and an abandoned field. 

An Extremely Patriotic Woman Streaked at the Presidents Cup

Golf is not in the foreground of the October sporting landscape. There are just too many other compelling options for dudes to watch. But only

Wildly Athletic Streaker Steals Show at Rays-Rangers Game

If you’re going to streak, you best get your money’s worth. Consider you’ll be spending some time in jail and will have to pay a

Here’s the Moment a Cleveland Browns Fan Decided to Go Streaking

The Cleveland Browns suck. Because of this, their fans are forced to come up with new and inventive ways to have fun at the games.

Idiot Runs Onto Ice During Calgary Flames Game, Canadians Applaud Politely


Streaker at Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots Game Has an Important Message

It’s pretty amazing that we’ve gotten to the point where a moron on the field has to distinguish himself from any other moron on the

Man Goes Nuts at Cardinals Game and Streaks Nude Across Field

Back in ye olden days, in order to be a streaker you had to remove all your clothing and run on a field during a

Liverpool Fan Runs Onto Pitch, Performs Extremely Off-Color Comedy Routine

We showed you Liverpool striker Luis Suarez capping his hat trick with a 45-yard bomb on Saturday. What we didn’t show you was

Jeff Kellogg Becomes Best Umpire Ever by Tackling Streaker in Baltimore

Jeff Kellogg is the best umpire ever. After a shirtless streaker ran onto the field and slid into home plate during last night’s

Good-for-Nothing Punk Kid Runs on Field; Dayan Viciedo Disapproves

Perhaps the youngest field-invader in baseball history made his way onto the outfield during yesterday’s Chicago White Sox-Baltimore Orioles game.  His short little

‘Streaker’ Runs On the Field During Blue Jays-Red Sox Game with ‘YOLO’ On His Chest

Hey look! Some bro ran onto the field at tonight's Blue Jays-Red Sox game in Toronto. Just like the Batman "streaker" at Camden

Wannabe Batman Fights Crime in Baltimore Orioles’ Outfield

It’s tough to identify the star of the Baltimore Orioles’ 4-2 season-opening win over the Minnesota Twins yesterday. Was Jake Arrieta, who threw

Streaker Runs On to the Field at the University of Montana Game And Initially No One Seems To Care

Anytime a streaker hits the field a bevy of rent-a-cops usually burst onto the scene as if beating him down is the highlight

Streaker Gets Attacked By a Bull

This bull had literally hundreds of other people to chose from: some fully clothed, others just topl*ss. Instead, like a veteran drunk at

VIDEO: Streakers Provide Fourth-Quarter Entertainment at the Pro Bowl

Here's one of the few highlights from last night's NFL Pro Bowl. Late in the fourth quarter, right after the NFC extended their lead 48