stadium security done right

Stadium Security Guard Delivers Vicious Suplex Move To Rugby Streaker, Well Done Sir!


Look, if you want to run onto the pitch at a French rugby game wearing a Superman costume reserved for some kind of odd, superhero bedroom kinkiness, getting dropped like this is exactly what you deserve.


A Guy Ran Onto the Field During the Alamo Bowl and Nobody Cared


The security at last night’s Alamo Bowl in San Antonio wasn’t exactly impressive.


Israeli Cop Brings Down Pitch Invader With Perfect Slide Tackle


Something like this would never happen in American sports.

USA Brazil

Security guard takes down streaker with nasty two-arm shove


Last night's Brazil-USA friendly featured a Hulk, a Hercules, some nifty goals and an overzealous security guard taking down a spectator.

Washington Nationals

Dodgers fans were on their worst behavior this weekend


This Dodgers fan, presumably upset "mooning guy" was getting all the headlines, attempted to outrun security at last night's game.


Let’s Watch This Nekked Streaker Get Slammed By Police


There used to be a time when "streaking" meant that someone removed all their clothes and ran wildly onto a sporting event field, but lately "streaking" has meant that an individual merely runs onto a field with their clothes on.


Watch a Man Streak Across the Weather Channel Mid-Hurricane Irene Coverage


Here it is, the YouTube catch-of-the-day everyone is talking about mid-Irene mania.

streaker video

VIDEO: Guy Runs on Field During Orioles’ Home Opener, Runs Out of Breath, Doesn’t Get Tased


Via Hot Clicks comes quite possibly the worst performance of a fan running on the field I've ever witnessed.


VIDEO: Fan Runs on the Field During Third Quarter of Jets-Texans Game


I must have heard about seven different people on the subway talk about the "moron" who ran onto the field of New Meadowlands stadium during the third quarter of today's Jets-Texans game.


Check Out this Epic Security Guard Bodyslam of the Drunk Fresno State-Nevada Game Streaker


By this point you've probably already heard about the drunk "streaker" (he was wearing shorts, for the record) who ran on the field shirtless and shoeless at Saturday's Fresno State-Nevada football game.

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