smoking up

Bro Goes To University Of Michigan’s Annual ‘Hash Bash’ To Ask Stoners What’s Up


I don't think there is a single University of Michigan student in this video, but whatever.


Watch The Stoners Of SXSW Fail Miserably When Quizzed By Jimmy Kimmel On Any Information NOT Pot-Related


What better place to quiz stoners on basic American history than at SXSW down in Austin.


Two Bros, One Guitar: These Two Dudes Made An Awesome Song While Doing Shots And Smoking A Joint


You're probably not familiar with The Pilot Kids, but they absolutely deserve to be on your radar.

synthetic pot

A Dude Got So Stoned On Synthetic Marijuana He Fell Asleep During His Mugshot


A Houston, Texas man was so high he passed out in his mugshot.

dating and drugs

Too High To Remember How To Romance A Woman? There’s Now Stoner Sex Ed


You, you look like the kind of person who needs stoner sex ed.

funny conversations

Stoned Bro Chats With Coolest Eat 24/7 Customer Service Rep While Waiting For His Late Night Munchies To Arrive


The people who work in customer service at food delivery websites like Grubhub, Seamless, Eat24hours, etc tend to be really chill people.

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