Steven Seagal politics

Steven Seagal might run for Governor of Arizona (please let this happen)


Steven Seagal might be adding another impressive title to his resume as he is reportedly pondering a run for governor of Arizona.


Steven Seagal dancing is a video that will make your life


There's the surreal, there's the absurd, and then there's this AMAZING video of Steven Seagal dancing a native Chechen dance.

Washed up movie stars

7 actors who have no credibility left


The life of a movie star can be a complicated one.

Tom Cruise

8 aging action stars that can still bring it


You don't have to be a muscle-bound meathead from the 80s to be an action star anymore (though it doesn't hurt) and you certainly don't have to be young anymore.

the great preperation

Epic Anderson Silva showdown with Steven Seagal


Budweiser's partnership with UFC is paying off already in the form of The Great Preparation.

william shatner

15 actors who tried to sing… poorly


Every rock star thinks he can act and every actor thinks he should be a rock star.

Steven Seagal

12 celebrities who simply refuse to admit they’re going bald

By | 21 Comments

Like Samson, a lot of celebrities seem to think that they get their power through their hair.

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