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Steve Spurrier Made a Tremendous Face While Listening to Nick Saban Talk

Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban appeared on ESPN this afternoon because, c’mon, producers know television gold when they see it. […]

Steve Spurrier’s Exercise Ball Video Gets the R. Kelly Treatment It Deserves

This is both the stupidest and best thing on the Internet right now. The geniuses over at FanSided took Steve Spurrier's now-legendary exercise routine and

Watch South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier Thrust Vigorously on an Exercise Ball


Steve Spurrier May Coach This Season Shirtless

Steve Spurrier has long since stopped giving a shit—he appeared to have spent much of the off-season splitting time between the golf course and a

Watch Steve Spurrier Rip His Archnemesis Reporter, Ron Morris

When it was time for Steve Spurrier's press conference today, Spurrier refused to publicly comment until The State's columnist Ron Morris left the