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Breaking Pad: When Steve Jobs starred in ‘Breaking Bad’


Breaking Pad is the Steve Jobs parody of Breaking Bad that you didn't know you wanted.

Steve Jobs

The First Trailer For ‘Jobs,’ the Movie About Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, Just Dropped


Steve Jobs changed most of our lives with his incredible mind for technological innovation.


Watch Steve Jobs Amazingly Predict the Future of Technology


Think back on the computer you used as a kid.


Watch Bill Gates Detail His Last Visit with Steve Jobs


Bill Gates was the subject of a big 60 Minutes profile last night.

steve jobs movie

Let’s All Point and Laugh at Ashton Kutcher, Who Was Hospitalized for Method Acting


Ashton Kutcher's big Steve Jobs movie showed at Sundance last week, and early reviews of it weren't as bad as you might think.

Steve Wozniak

Welp, here’s the first clip from ‘jOBS’


Ashton Kutcher IS one of the biggest a-holes the computer world has ever seen.

William Jennings Bryan

7 brilliant people who had terrible ideas


We tend to remember geniuses for, well, their genius.

Steve Jobs death

Watch Apple’s Moving Tribute to Steve Jobs on the One Year Anniversary of His Passing


Steve Jobs passed away one year ago today, a much longer period of time than it feels like.

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