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Steve Harvey Talked About All The Dumbass Answers He Hears As Host Of ‘Family Feud’


Family Feud is a great show to watch if you enjoy seeing people say really dumb shit, which is made all the more entertaining by the fact that host Steve Harvey is not afraid to call people out when they say really dumb shit.

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Name Another Term For Marijuana: Jimmy Fallon and Jason Segel Took On The Roots In ‘Family Feud’


YouTube This is the reason why Jimmy Fallon's version of The Tonight Show is destroying the competition, especially when it comes to making segments of his show go viral the next day.

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‘Family Feud’ contestant delivers worst performance in game show history


A Family Feud contestant named Anna needed only 18 points to win $20,000 in fast money.


Lady has worst vaguely racist guess in ‘Family Feud’ history


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think zombies.

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Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Farted During an Interview With Steve Harvey, Harvey’s Reaction Was GOLD


When I watch this clip I can't help but to think of how Shooter McGavin would react to this chick farting in the middle of a television segment while her family of cretins laughs at it.


Steve Harvey could not be more disgusted to interview Honey Boo Boo and family


Steve Harvey got a big interview with Honey Boo Boo and family for his Steve Harvey Show.

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Pat Bertoletti attempts new record for chugging 100 raw eggs


"I'm your man Steve Harvey, and we got a good show for you today.

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Steve Harvey teaches how to tie a tie on ‘Family Feud’


Tying a tie is a life skill every guy should have regardless of profession.

Steve Harvey

Brad Pitt has huge hammer according to ‘Family Feud’


Brad Pitt has a lot of things your average guy doesn't, but is "a big penis" one of them.

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