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Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ Get The Steve Aoki Treatment In His New Video With MGK

Does anyone actually care about Machine Gun Kelly? Anyone? Hello?

What DJs Do These Days: A Hilarious Video About How Silly EDM Concerts Are Sometimes

I can't stop laughing at this.

Watch Steve Aoki Teach Michael Phelps How to Do the Raver Cake Toss

Fact: No one can toss a cake in a raver's face better than Steve Aoki. After years of honing his craft, his form is now

Steve Aoki BLASTS a Bro in a Wheelchair IN THE FACE with a Cake

OMG OMG OMG: EVERYONE knows about Steve Aoki's rave tradition of blasting one lucky raver in the audience with with a cake to the face. But

‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It’ And Steve Aoki Feels Fine

Steve Aoki is known for his high energy production, and his latest EP, ”It’s The End Of The World As We Know It”, released last

Stream Steve Aoki’s ‘Wonderland Remixed’ Album

Ah, the perfect thing to bump to. Yesterday Steve Aoki dropped his "Wonderland Remixed" album, gifting the world with a stream. Throw the earphones on and

WhiteRaverRafting’s EDM Trip Of the Week: 4 Tracks, Plus a Duran Duran Remix

So much incredible music has come out in the past week and here are a few of my favorites. I like showing you guys a

Watch Steve Aoki Throw a Cake In a Chick’s Face at Ultra Festival 2012

In case you haven't been watching the Ultra 2012 live stream, here's a classic Steve Aoki moment from his set this afternoon. Mid-set,

EDM Tattoos You’ll See At Ultra This Year… And a Few You (Thankfully) Won’t

We're just more than a month away until all of you EDM freaks can break out your shades and rage at Ultra Music Festival

Win Steve Aoki’s New Album, a Pair of SOL REPUBLIC Headphones, or Rockstar Energy Drink for a Year

As you're probably aware, legendary L.A. House/Electro DJ Steve Aoki dropped his new album “Wonderland” (buy it here!). In collaboration with the album's launch, Rockstar

The Steve Aoki Holy Ship Recap is Epic

Here's Steve Aoki's Holy Ship! recap is edit is pretty freakin' dope. We showed you an unofficial fan-made recap edit a few weeks back but

Watch This Steve Aoki BroBible Shoutout

Our homie Steve Aoki just dropped his new album "Wonderland" and wants YOU to pick it up. The album features the likes of

Watch Skrillex and Steve Aoki Raft the Crowd at the 2011 Starscape Music Festival

Baltimore was the place to be on Saturday if you like electronic music. The Baltimore Sun has a great gallery of some of the rave