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The Pros and Cons of Taking Steroids

A lot of compelling arguments here.

Drake Played A-Rod as ‘Saturday Night Live’ Took on His Steroid Scandal Last Night

Well, this is perfect. 

Jose Canseco Responds To A-Rod Suspension In the Most Jose Canseco Way Possible

Jose Canseco, the man responsible for bringing steroids to every baseball lockerroom ever (let’s pretend he’s the main culprit), decided to console his fallen comrade

This Woman Took A Lot of Steroids, Claims They Caused Her to Grow a Tiny Penis

Are you RIVETED? I am. 

In 1998, Crime Boss John Gotti Told His Grandson He’d Need to Take Steroids to Play Baseball

Well this could be classified as full circle. Here is unearthed footage of John Gotti - a Tony Soprano-type figure who was the Boss of

Barry Bonds’s Former Mistress Says He Threatened to Cut Out Her Breast Implants, Chop Her Head Off

  Yesterday, Kimberly Bell, also known as Barry Bonds's former side-piece, took the stand in his perjury case and spilled her guts about their nine-year affair.

15 Professional Athletes Who Have Had Real-Life Kenny Powers Moments

  Editor's Note: BroBible has teamed up with our friends at HBO to celebrate the Season 2 premiere of "Eastbound & Down," this coming Sunday,

Do You Care About Steroid Use In Baseball?

The 2010 MLB season is kicking off in 5 days and like many of you, we are pumped. But when it comes to certain baseball