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Lax Bro PSA Reminds Us Not to Stereotype Lax Bros

It hurts.

20 Annoying People You See at Every Movie Theater

You can probably glean a lot from Dude Perfect's latest stereotype video about people in movie theaters but its message is simple

Here’s a Stereotype Map of the U.S. Based on What British People Think

Maps on maps on maps on maps.

How Guys and Girls Drive: The Most Spot On Video You’ll Watch Today

Each stereotype for guy and girl drivers is so incredibly accurate, in almost scares me.

Here’s What It’s Like to Watch Sports With Every Kind of Girl

You'll all likely be watching the Super Bowl with girls tomorrow. Getting "shushed" at every commercial break so the ladies don't miss even one second of whatever advertising masterpiece

Dude Perfect Perfectly Stereotypes People Working Out at Your Gym

Dude Perfect, makers of trick-shot and stereotype videos, is back with their latest effort, right in time for the New Year's rush that's happening at every

Dude Perfect Perfectly Stereotypes People Who Play Madden

Dude Perfect is back with their latest stereotype video, this time people who play Madden are under their harsh, judgmental microscope.

LivingSocial’s Halloween Party Featured a ‘Greed’ Room Full of Dreidels

Silly internet coupon company. Hannukah is in December. Not October. 

Dude Perfect Perfectly Stereotypes People Who Play Fantasy Football

Previously, the dudes at Dude Perfect were all about the trick shots. Now they are into stereotyping motherfuckers. I don't know why they switched, but

Dude Perfect Breaks Down Casual Golfer Stereotypes

This video really paints golfers in the worst possible light. Makes us look like annoying, cocky, ignorant liars. Sadly, it's ninety-five percent accurate. I'm guilty

Dude Perfect Breaks Down Pick-Up Basketball Sterotypes

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they conduct themselves during a pick-up basketball game. There’s something about this particular setting

Bro Does the Ultimate Racial Stereotype Rap, Featuring 12 Different Culturally Insensitive Accents

This is probably going to make the PC police and people who can't take jokes mad, but that's because it's extremely funny. 

Watch a Bro Describe Every Baseball Team’s Fans in One Sentence

You might not like to hear what this guy has to say about your team, but he’s definitely got some accurate zingers in there.