Here’s The Difference Between Ribeyes, New York Strips And Sirloins So You Can Be Meat-Savvy Like Ron Swanson


There are actually logical reasons why certain cuts of meat have different textures and flavors than others, so if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a New York Strip and a Sirloin is and why that difference exists, this video is for you.


There is nothing sexier than a girl who eats meat. Here’s why


Vegan girls can be sexy, for sure, but can anything beat a girl who loves meat.

World records

Cute chick demolishes world record for fastest eating of a 72 ounce steak


Molly Schuyler came into Sayler's Old Country Kitchen in Portland, Ore.

Top Sirloin

9 popular cuts of steak every guy should know


Whether it's tossed with pasta, fresh from the grill, sliced into a sandwich or just sitting in its own glorious juices, steak is something we can’t help but love.

vegas strip steak

Newly discovered Vegas Strip beef cut lets poor people eat steak


A meat scientist, which is real thing, recently discovered a new cut of beef.

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