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NFL Lineman Tells Girlfriend that Herpes Sores on His Penis Were From Getting It Stuck In His Zipper

Awkward! Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cam Thomas is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes.

The States Where You’re Most and Least Likely to Get an STD

Here's guide to what states have the most common occurrences of STDs, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics.

According to Vox, You Have Herpes; According to Esquire, You Don’t

Don't look at me. I don't know.

Sooo… Wanna Know Which State Has the Most Chlamydia?

Is it yours?

Welp, It Looks Like We No Longer Have a Cure for Gonorrhea

Wait, there's a way to construe this as a good thing, right?

Troll Prank Calls C-Span to Wonder Why His Kid Didn’t Get Into Harvard With a Perfect ‘STD’ Score

Glorious troll work here from College Humor's notorious prankster, Ken M. D

Everyone at WVU Is Getting STDs, So They’re Putting Condom Dispensers In Frat Houses

The college kids running wild in Morgantown, West Virginia have a bit of a problem on their hands: STDs are becoming […]

Bro Intentionally Gave The Clap to a Girl Who Wronged His Friend, Plus Who’s Up for Salad Tossin’?

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The 10 Colleges with the Worst Sexual Health (…Where You’re MOST Likely to Get an STD)

You've seen Trojan's rankings of the best colleges for sexual health... Now it's time for the worst. Dudes.... Wrap. That. Shit. Up. 

The 10 Colleges with the Best Sexual Health (…Where You’re LEAST Likely to Get an STD)

The folks at Trojan Condoms just released the college rankings of their 8th Annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card. The study -- commissioned by Trojan via Sperling’s BestPlaces -- evaluates 140 universities

Pussy Is Not FDA Approved: HPV Virus Linked to a Third of Throat Cancers, Study Says

That's it. I'm hanging up my tongue, calling it a career. Been a good run, but nothing is worth throat cancer. 

Michael Douglas Says Performing Oral Sex, Possibly on Catherine Zeta-Jones, Caused His Throat Cancer

 In an interview published today in The Guardian, Bro legend actor Michael Douglas, star of Wall Street and Basic Instinct, speaks out about his battle with

Hawaii Is Currently the Scene of a Deadly Sex ‘Superbug,’ Says Horrifying Report

Heading to Hawaii anytime soon? Try not to have sex with anyone while there, Don Draper, because the state now harbors a sex "superbug" that

After Learning They Got an STD from the Same Guy, Two Girls Beat the Sh*t Out of Each Other

Dayum. And in da health department! 

WE’RE ALL FILTHY WHORES: Study Finds Over 110 Million Americans Have a Sexually Transmitted Disease

I don't know about you, but I had to look up the third biggest STD plaguing our country, because before I saw this chart of

Be Very Afraid: There’s a Drug-Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea Out There

Here's something to watch out for, and another reason why it's always a good call to wrap it up, Bros: Gonorrhea, one of the most

Doctor Creates Phone App For People to Share Their STD Status With Potential Lays

If your first line when picking up chicks is, "Bitch, I'm clean" then you're going to love MedXCom, an app that allows people looking to

10 Colleges to Avoid If You Don’t Want to Get a STD

Hope you don't go to one of these schools! 

Scientists Create Female Condom That Protects Against All STDs Leaving Men Asking ‘What About Us?’

What the shit, science people? I want peace of mind. I want a clean, yet morally disgusting, dick. I want a kid-free environment. Where's my

The 6 Stages of an STD Scare

Recently, I was the victim of one of a Bro’s worst nightmares: I thought I contracted an STD. Much like a pregnancy scare, this ticking

Herpes is No Joke, Women’s Bathroom Claims

This is quite exciting because it proves women do, in fact, get a good bit of reading done in the bathroom. One of our readers

Telling a Girl She Gave You an STD and What Would You Do If You Had a V*gina for a Day

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The Scariest Headline You’ll Read Today: ‘16 Million Americans Have HPV in Their Mouth, Mostly Men’

My esteemed collegue J. Camm is gunning for the first ever blogging Pultizer for his coverage on Male HPV (see: here and here). So, to

Are You Feeling Lucky? Study Says HIV Transmitted 1 in 900 Times During Infected Unprotected Sex

The Daily Mail is usually filled with depressing or disgusting stories but here's a semi-uplifting one to kick-start your weekend. Scientists are saying that your

If You’re an Unselfish Lover That’s Having Trouble Bringing Females to Org*sm We’ve Got a Solution

Simply put: Start banging the elderly. In a recent study, aimed at solving the mystery of what age women have the best org*sms at --

Study Suggests That Chicks May Be Able to Tell If You Have an STD by Your Sh*t-Like Scent

I'm not in the business of debunking myths, but some people just stink. STD or not, some mother f*ckers have hellacious odors that are unexplainable

Advice on Stage-5 Clingers, Plus Dealing With an STD

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