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Who to Start and Sit in Week 10 of Fantasy Football

We’re nine weeks in and you’re still starting guys based on name value. It’s time to change. We have enough data at this point to

Guess How Many 20-Somethings Are Still Living With Their Parents?

You know the trend: Go to college, party your ass off for four years, graduate, then move back home with your parents to flounder around

This Hella Cool Map of United States Accents Will Keep Y’all Occupied for a Wicked Long Time

Apparently in some parts of this fine country, a garage sale is a "rummage sale."

Shocker Stat of the Day: Rockstars Live Shorter Than Coffee-Drinking, 9-5 Working Schlubs

Looks like Captain Obvious is really killin' it today. 

Experts Break Down Everything Santa Would Need to Actually Deliver Toys to 760 Million Children

I imagine the first thing he'd need is for world poverty to end so...ya know...all 760 million Christian kids could get presents and shit. That