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Cool Map Shows What State Capital You Live Closest To

How well do you know where you live?

U.S. Map Shows the Most Popular Attractions in Each State

Maps are the the new black; the new bacon; the new Kate Upton.

Sooo… Wanna Know Which State Has the Most Chlamydia?

Is it yours?

CHART: What Is the Most Popular Band in Your State?

This chart, via Paul Lemere’s blog Music Machinery shows the most listened to band for every state in America. Did you […]

Why is My State So _____?

You can tell a lot about a state based on the top Google autocomplete suggestions. Or maybe you can't because they're wildly arbitrary and don't

Ease Your Way Into the Weekend By Looking at Every U.S. State Made Out of LEGOs

Man. I wish I could still play with LEGOs without getting weird looks from everyone over the age of 12-years-old. I guess this is why

This Chart Shows The Most Screwed Up Aspect Of Your State

We all know our home states have problems. I'm from Virginia and on Sunday you can only buy liquor from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you

Louisiana Has More Drunks Than Anywhere in the Country, and More Things We Think About States

Louisiana is constantly shitfaced, New York is a touch on the arrogant side, and the Massachusetts accent is bizarre. Yep.