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Who to Start and Sit in Week 16 of Fantasy Football

The time is now. Most fantasy football leagues end in Week 16, so congratulations are in order if you have made it this far and

Who to Start and Sit in Week 11 of Fantasy Football

Many leagues are coming up against their trade deadline, so hopefully you made moves that bolstered your squad. Injuries happen, but benches are generally meaningless

Who to Start and Sit in Week 10 of Fantasy Football

We’re nine weeks in and you’re still starting guys based on name value. It’s time to change. We have enough data at this point to

Who to Start and Sit in Week 9 of Fantasy Football

Who cares about bye weeks and injuries? You need to keep winning, right? Assets are limited in these middle weeks of a fantasy season, so

Who to Start and Sit in Week 7 of Fantasy Football

There seems to be new faces that jump into the fantasy football horizon every week, but this week seems to have plenty of new figures.

Who to Start and Sit in Week 6 of Fantasy Football

We’re basically one-third of the way through the fantasy season. I feel sorry for you if you’re not feeling too good about your team right

Who to Start and Sit in Week 3 of Fantasy Football

All everyone wants to talk about in the last 24 hours is Trent Richardson. There’s a 91 percent chance you don’t care too much about

Who to Sit and Start in Week 4 of Fantasy Football

The bye weeks are here, which really sucks. It's Week 4 and I for one am not ready to deal with it. Only two teams