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GIF: You Will Never Love Anything In Life As Much as This Stanford Band Member Loves Playing the Cowbell

Probably my favorite GIF from the Tournament so far. He's got a fever... FOR MORE COWBELL.

Stanford Executes the Rare Double Alley-Oop to Perfection

Pass party.

The Stanford Band Formed the Snapchat Logo During Their Half-Time Show at the Rose Bowl

In case you weren't watching the Rose Bowl, you just missed an, erhm, "inspired" performance by the legendary merry pranksters of the Stanford marching band. The

USC Bro Takes Epic Selfie with a Pissed Off David Shaw After Rushing the Field

Last night the USC students rushed the field after upsetting No. 5 Stanford at the L.A. Coliseum. After four hard-fought quarters of Fighting On, one BroBible reader

No One Was as Pumped Up For USC-Stanford As Matt Leinart

I think most football fans would agree that Matt Leinart's glory days were NOT in an NFL uniform, but rather on the field in South-Central

Stanford Players Dressed as Nerds For Their Post Game Presser After Whooping Oregon

Stanford's troll efforts for their game against Oregon are worthy of applause. Between this, their GameDay sign, making Josh Huff CRY, and beating the fuck out of them

Stanford Bro Comes Up with My New Favorite College Gameday Sign

It's Thursday ngiht and I'm just as excited for college football as I am on Saturday mornings. Why can't there be a Stanford-Oregon game every

The 35 Coolest NCAA Helmets of 2013

Football use to be about hitting and tackling. Today it is more about intimidating your opponent than anything else.

Stanford Holds ‘Full Moon on the Quad,’ a School-Wide Makeout Fest to Welcome Freshmen

On the first full moon of the school year, thousands of Stanford undergraduates congregate on the quad. Many arrive in body paint, others in just

Did Stanford’s Kodi Whitfield Make the Play of the Year?

Well, this is a special play. A very special play that deserves to watched over and over again. A play that would get Kodi Whitfield

Stanford’s Football Facility is Quite Nice

Stanford’s quest to match Oregon doesn’t stop on the field. Since it’s 2013, it’s of great importance that their athletic facilities are also comparable. Here’s

Drunk Fan at the Washington State-Stanford Game Pours Popcorn All Over His Face

Shout-out to this Bro chillin' in an empty stadium to watch Stanford crush Washington State, 41-3. He's the Internet's new hero for pouring popcorn all over

Heather Cox Tried to Interview Stanford’s David Shaw After the Rose Bowl and It Went Very Poorly

After Stanford held off Wisconsin to win yesterday’s Rose Bowl, ESPN sent it down to sideline reporter Heather Cox to interview Cardinal coach David Shaw.

Stanford Fan Has Awkward Intimate Moment With Rose After Team Earns Trip to Pasadena

Stanford defeated UCLA 27-24 last night in the Pac-12 title game, securing its first trip to the Rose Bowl since 1999. One rabid Cardinal fan

Watch the Controversial Play That Gave Notre Dame a Win Over Stanford

The highly anticipated matchup between Stanford and Notre Dame didn’t disappoint. The Fighting Irish won in overtime, 20-13, on an ending that won’t soon be

Stanford Professor Thinks Video Games and Internet Porn Will Make Men Extinct

I've got news for this fear-mongering dickbag: if we become extinct, we're bringing the whole human race with us. Because that's how us jerk-off artists

Ray Lewis Gives Another Epic Locker Room Speech to the Stanford Men’s Basketball Team

When it comes to battle cries, no one can rally the troops quite like Ray Lewis. Last year the Ravens linebacker sent chills

Why I’m Not Mad at Jordan Williamson

My high school self would never forgive me for writing this piece. As a life-long Philadelphia Eagles fan, I’m a member of one of the

6 New, Awesome Nike Pro Combat College Football Uniforms

We loved the first round of Nike's 2011-12 Pro Combat uniforms, especially the Oregon football uniforms that gave our nightmares nightmares. That said, we

Andrew Luck to Return to Stanford

Today Andrew Luck, considered by many to be the top NFL Draf prospect, announced he'll return to Stanford next year to finish his degree. Here's

VIDEO: Tyrod Taylor’s Insane Second Quarter Touchdown Pass in the Orange Bowl

Think he wants some eggs with that scramble?

VIDEO: Stanford QB Andrew Luck ‘Child Pleases’ Cal DB Sean Cattouse on a 58-Yard Run

Here's a clip from today's Stanford-Cal "Big Game," where Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck breaks through the Golden Bear defensive line for a 58-yard run. At