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New York Based Comedian Metta World Peace Is Launching a Standup Comedy Tour

The artist currently known as Metta World Peace is expanding his comedic talents to the realm of...standup comedy. 

Check Every ‘Louie’ Standup Bit in One Pretty Damn Awesome Video

Louis CK's FX show Louie, probably the thing that helped solidify his status as the current comedy king, is arguably much more a drama than a

Watch Hannibal Burress Go Off on a Hilarious Article About His ‘Comedic Jokes’

30 Rock's Hannibal Burress, AKA the man with the legendary pickle juice technique, was interviewed by a college newspaper prior to performing at that school

This Comedian’s Breakdown of ‘Every Interview with a Hockey Player’ Is Excellently on Point

It's apparent that Nate Craig watches a whole lawt of hockey, because his take on them giving interviews is quite good. When the Bruins take

Nick Kroll Tells a Story About Totally Bombing in Front of Bill Murray During His Early Standup Days

You may know Nick Kroll from his great depiction as everyone's favorite wolfpack asshole on The League, or from his recently launched and very successful

A Comedian Impersonates Louis CK, and It’s Too Good Not to Watch

Remarkable work by standup comedian J-L Cauvin, who crafted a spoof that rings true on many different levels. In this mock special, Louis CK Tells

Here Are the First Clips of Louis CK’s New Standup Special, Plus Bonus Commentary

For the man who needs no introduction. Or, just one that doesn't directly mention his name. 

‘Dave Chappelle: In His Own Words’: A Moving Mini-Documentary About Chappelle’s Flight from Showbiz

It's one of the great mysteries of Tthe Aughts: Why, in 2004, did Dave Chapelle walk away from a successful show and a $50 million

Louis CK, the Gift That Keeps on Giving, Will Be Taping an Hourlong Standup Special for HBO

Great news, or greatest news?