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Woman of the Year Stabs Husband For Not Buying Beer

A South Carolina woman is accused of stabbing her husband after he returned home from the store without beer. 

NJ Man Wakes Up and Discovers He’d Been Stabbed the Night Before

The next time you wake up with searing back pain, be sure to check that it wasn't because you were stabbed in the middle of

Breaking: At Least 14 Stabbed at Lone Star College

Terrible news this afternoon out of Lone Star College in Houston.

Wrigleyville Bar Stabbing Suspect Literally Can’t Keep His Sh*t Together

Some TBOX bar crawls get weird, some get downright violent, and others make you question the true nature of man’s existence.

This is Not What You Want an X-Ray of Your Neck to Look Like

If you’re a prison guard, then we salute you. If you’re thinking of becoming a prison guard, here’s a reason to reconsider. Nate Beauvais, who mans

Man Stabbed When Contest Over Who Can Have Most Sex Gets Weird

A sex-having contest is all fun and games until someone gets stabbed. At least that’s what my mom used to tell me. It turns out

Florida Woman Survives Stabbing Thanks to Breast Implants

Another day, another story touting the virtues of fake breasts. A 41-year-old Florida woman who was stabbed in the chest with a pocket knife is

Bus Driver Gets Stabbed by Guy M*sturbating

A bad day would be being a bus driver. A worse day would be being a bus driver and getting stabbed by a guy jerking