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Cops Are Looking for a Couple Who Fucked Behind a Dumpster at a Grotto’s Pizza in Newark, Del. on St. Paddy’s Day

Nothing like a little St. Paddy's Day fucking.

We Asked an Irish Master of Whiskey For His Do’s and Don’ts of St. Patrick’s Day

From a real, live Irish person.

The 15 Best College St. Patrick’s Day Parties in the U.S.

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. On that day, or on prior days co-opted as St. Patrick’s Day, college students across this fine land will celebrate

9 Signs You’re a Real Beantown Bro on St. Paddy’s Day

A reader shot over this guide to St. Patty's in Boston. Does it ring true, Beantown bros?

Watch a Trashy Fight at IUPattys, Now Officially Ratchet College St. Patrick’s Day Party

Last night when I posted about IUP's St. Patrick's Day Party, IUPatty, I asked in conjecture if it was the new most ratchet St. Patrick's

Did IUP Just Throw the Most Ratchet College St. Patrick’s Day Party In the Country?

IUP -- Indiana University of Pennsylvania -- is one of those state school's you're probably only familiar with if you're from Pennsylvania/New Jersey/West Virginia/Western

UMass Amherst Annual St. Paddy’s Day Party Gets Very Turnt, 73 Kids Turn Up in Jail

Car bombs, anyone?

University of Dayton Chief of Police Claims BroBible Responsible for St. Patrick’s Day Riot

St. Patrick's Day at the University of Dayton got ugly. A "40s at 4" party, highlighted by undergrads drinking 40-ouncers at 4 a.m., became a

Richmond’s ‘Shamrock the Block’ Was a Drunken Sh*tshow of Green Spandex and Idiots Fighting Cops

How was St. Patrick's Day in Richmond, Virginia? I'm glad you asked! Here's some interesting fight footage of cops arresting a shirtless dude in spandex shorts.

Can You Out-Bro This Epic St. Paddy’s Day Beer Pong Dunk?

Personally, I don't think you can unless you're willing to walk away with a Darwin Award. But in case you have some sort of awesome

How To Spend St. Patrick’s Day Like The Ultimate Irishman, Jimmy McNulty

Hands down the best drunk, piece of sh*t, and AWESOME cop in the history of television. 

10 Things We Hate About St. Patrick’s Day

With the exception of my toilet and the occasional human chest, I don't like to shit on things just for the sake of shitting on

7 People You Will Run Into On St. Patrick’s Day

Since everybody’s dedicating both their lives and liver to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, there’s a good chance you will wake up on Monday

The St. Patrick’s Day Schedule for Every Bro

Is this the greatest weekend of the year? This is the greatest weekend of the year. You could make a hard case for it based

LAST CHANCE: Nominate Your College’s St. Patrick’s Day Party for Our Ultimate Ranking!

Ah, St. Patrick's Day: A day to celebrate the return of nice weather. A day to loudly proclaim your debatable Irish ancestry. A day to

Watch This Chicago Cop Choke a Mouthy Punk During St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day. Chicago. Drunkenness. The tiny kid with the mouth is so out-sized by this member of the CPD that it's comical.

St. Patrick’s Day Epicness: A Thread of Reader Submissions from St. Paddy Parties Around the World

St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday = Absolute madness. Earlier this evening we showed you a few photos of the St. Patrick's Day Party at

This St. Patrick’s Day Party at the University of Colorado Looked Legit

St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday = Absolute madness. Everywhere. A reader sent us a few photos and this report from a party at the

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the 55 Hottest Irish Girls

For being a relatively small island with a population under seven million, Ireland has managed to produce an extraordinary amount of attractive women. The

Bloomsburg University Student Knocked the F-Out After Cheap Shot; Gets Disorderly Conduct Charge

I've seen this news story on a couple of websites over the past few days and, I'm not sure about you, but the whole thing

BroBible Does Boston: Pictures from BroBible’s St. Patrick’s Day Party with Moufy and DJ Stylo

Last Thursday was St. Patrick's Day, and what better way for the BroBible team to spend it than by throwing a party in Boston. After

10 Great Ways to Enjoy Jameson Whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day

A couple of St. Patrick's Days ago, one of our resident bar mavens wrote up the 10 best ways to enjoy Jameson on St. Patrick's

Women Freaks Out on PATH Train, Takes Off Shirt After Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day

Hoboken's legendary St. Patrick's day celebration was two Saturday's ago. This year's festivities were particularly out of control, with at least 30-some arrests and scores

Someone in Hoboken Needs a ‘Little Person’ for Hoboken St. Patty’s Day

This Saturday, March 5, is Hoboken's annual drunken, debaucherous St. Patrick's day celebration. One party host is looking to up the ante at this year's

BroBible Presents: St. Patty’s ‘Green Out’ at Who’s on First in Boston

Get to Who's on First on St. Patrick's Day as BroBible hosts a Green Out banger featuring special guest Moufy. The bar will be serving