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Cops Are Looking for a Couple Who Fucked Behind a Dumpster at a Grotto’s Pizza in Newark, Del. on St. Paddy’s Day

Nothing like a little St. Paddy's Day fucking.

We Asked an Irish Master of Whiskey For His Do’s and Don’ts of St. Patrick’s Day

From a real, live Irish person.

UMass Amherst Annual St. Paddy’s Day Party Gets Very Turnt, 73 Kids Turn Up in Jail

Car bombs, anyone?

Bro With a Furious Lower Intestine Tries to Hook Up with a Hitler-Loving Chick, Plus St Paddy’s Sex

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Can You Out-Bro This Epic St. Paddy’s Day Beer Pong Dunk?

Personally, I don't think you can unless you're willing to walk away with a Darwin Award. But in case you have some sort of awesome

Girl Asks Bro to Pee On Her After Sex in an Elevator, Plus a St. Patty’s Day Eiffel Tower

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