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Squirrel Has the Ultimate ‘Oh Shit’ Moment

Poor Mr. Squirrel. He's just chillin' in the African bush, munchin' on some tasty nuts when a big, bad leopard tries to eat him. That very real

Wing-Suit Basejumping Videos Continue to Make Us Want to Jump Off Cliffs in Squirrel Suits

We love a good wingsuit basejumping video just as much as the next guy. Over in Europe, the end of the summer is peak season

ESPN’s Sage Steele Talks About Jerking Off Squirrels

Maybe you heard about the squirrel that caused all kinds of chaos in the San Diego Padres bullpen yesterday. The Padres' bullpen catcher, Justin Hatcher,

VIDEO: This is What a Wingsuit Base Jumper Fly-Over Looks Like

As regular readers will recall, last week I brought your attention to some new footage of wingsuit basejumpers doing their thing in the Europe. Here's